Christmas is Packed Up {but it’s not over}

Peeking Around the Corner

Last night I packed up the Christmas tree.

I thought about leaving the mantel decorated, but I packed that up too.

I thought I’d regret it, but I didn’t.

Last night I packed up Christmas; I put everything neatly away in bins and boxes.

I thought it would look empty in here, but it doesn’t.

I thought I’d feel sad about it, but I wasn’t.

Because Christmas isn’t in the decorations, or the lights, or the gifts–

If Christmas is in your heart, you will have it any time you wish.

May the spirit of the season shine within you always, equally in June as in December.

The Room is Devoid of Christmas Now

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9 Responses to “Christmas is Packed Up {but it’s not over}”
  1. 12.30.2009

    I packed up last night too! LOL. Must have ben time for it. My only regret was that I did it when the kids were up and they started crying. I still have a mess so I haven’t had time to regret it *lol* Maybe tomorrow when the house is clean. Maybe ;)

    And yes…Christmas is about the feeling, not the appearance. That’s what everything should be about :D

  2. 12.30.2009

    Love Nicky peeking around the corner. Your words are as beautiful as your photos and your heart.

  3. 12.30.2009

    love this post–so true

  4. That is so beautiful. Loved reading it! I must confess – I don’t want to even consider tackling the decorations yet. I am so avoiding it!

  5. I can’t bring myself to pack up yet. I know Christmas isn’t in the items, but darn it if January isn’t so dull and boring. The lights and decorations make it easier to bear!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. 12.31.2009

    Maybe this year we’ll get the tree down before Valentines Day. I love your new toy – but that’s not a toy, is it?

  7. 12.31.2009

    You are SO cute. <3

  8. 12.31.2009

    There’s a Christmas special I like to watch every year, “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street,” which features a song called “Keep Christmas With You.” It encompasses just this very message and it’s one that’s so important. Love to you and yours!

  9. girl…you never fail to blow my mind.

    Happy New Year. come on by for my year in review!

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