“Mama?” you asked, “are we reflections?”

I couldn’t help but smile and start to….reflect!

Maybe we are reflections?

Surely it was a very profound question for a boy of almost four.


You were on our bed when I caught you looking into the old television.   You stared so deeply—one moment—and the next you buried your precious little face into my fluffy pillow, only to slowly peek back around your shoulder to catch another glimpse.

“What’cha doing, baby?”  I soothed as I lay down next to you, on Papa’s side of the bed.

“What’s that, Mama?” you questioned.

“I don’t know, what’s what?”  I tried to get you to focus.

“That! Is that the connection, Mama?” you asserted.

“I don’t know, baby. Is that a connection?”  I responded with a question, confused.


Papa helped me figure it out soon thereafter, when he joined us on the bed.

“What’s that, Papa?” you questioned.

“What, Davey?” he asked.

“The connection.  Is that the connection, Papa?” you asked again.

“Oh! The reflection in the TV, you mean?” he caught on quickly.

You giggled a nervous laugh, and said, “ohhhhhh it’s a reflection.”


After I zipped up your new pajamas, I pulled you close to me, if only to smell your baby sweet hair.

“Mama, hold me, hold me,” you pleaded.

“I’ll hold you, baby,” I assured.

“Mama, carry me, carry me,” you continued to plead.

“Why Davey, you’re a big boy, let’s walk downstairs together!”  I said.

“No.  The connection!” you exclaimed.

{You didn’t want to look in the mirror on my dresser, I deduced.}

“Oh, baby, look!  It’s just you.  And me.  It’s Davey and Mama in the reflection.  We’re the connection in the reflection. See?!”  I breathed into your ear.

You smiled.

I smiled back.

“Mama?” you asked, “are we reflections?”

“Yes, Davey.  We are.  We are beautiful reflections and I don’t ever want to forget it.”

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10 Responses to “Connections”
  1. 11.30.2010

    I love how little minds work…

  2. 11.30.2010

    Gah, that’s gorgeous.

    Little boys just get me every time.

  3. 12.01.2010

    This post is so beautiful, Mishelle. It really touched me, deeply. What a poignant sentiment, and what a sweet, sweet boy.

  4. 12.01.2010

    This did indeed touch my heart. =) Thanks for the smile.

  5. 12.01.2010

    kids are so AWESOME!

  6. so sweet. Also, I can’t believe he is nearly 4, I remember when you were celebrating his first birthday. Gah!!

  7. 12.01.2010

    Oh Mishi! The sweetness of that fills my heart.

  8. 12.01.2010

    LOVE. so adorable. so innocent. so precious. and you captured it.

  9. Heathersaurus Rex

    This one makes my heart smile!

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