Creative Cropping

Sometimes you have a picture that is nice enough, but just isn’t one of those jump-off-the-page-and-make-you-squeal-in-delight shots. There is one way to remedy that, after the fact. It’s called creative cropping.

I always advocate composing the shot in the view finder of your camera, but sometimes using this technique of post process cropping is beneficial in producing a really cool final image.

1) Open the image in your photo editing program. You can use any of these popular programs: Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, or Picnik.

2) Select the crop tool. Remember: if you want to keep the same proportions of the original photo, make sure you are cropping in the appropriate aspect ratio.

3) Drag the crop box to where you want and crop. I know that in Photoshop and Lightroom you can also rotate the cropped area to add another level of creative cropping. In Picnik you would have to rotate the picture first and then crop, or vice versa.

Changing the angle gives a new point-of-view and enhances perspective.

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