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If you know me, you know that I love coffee.  You know that I really don’t function without—at least—one cup of the black elixir in the morning.  You know that I love to grind my own beans.  You know that my favorite coffee mug is a TABASCO one I got on my honeymoon in 1995.  You know that I am particularly fond of iced coffee from that place with the green straw.   You know that I’m not loyal to one brand of coffee, but I am loyal to bold flavor and consistency.  And, you know I make one killer pot of coffee.

My love affair with coffee started later in life.  There was a time where I would fill up a big, blue cup of ice and Coca Cola (not diet, mind you), getting a big huge dose of caffeine and sugar together.   I only started drinking coffee when I would hit a coffee shop, late at night, with a girlfriend, where we’d write poetry in leather-bound journals, smoke cigarettes and laugh at the strange folk we’d encounter.

Those late night coffee trysts turned into morning coffee-computer time.  Morning coffee-computer time then evolved into coffee-gab time with a girlfriend, on her wooden deck,  in the afternoon or an iced coffee playdate at the park.   It didn’t take too long to turn me into a full-fledged coffee snob.   I’m talking an I-don’t-even-need-any-sugar-just-give-me-bold-flavor-and-I’m-in-heaven coffee snob!

When I went to Housewares in Chicago I met Bosch.  You know Bosch?  The third largest appliance manufacturer in the world.   Well, they introduced me to the Tassimo, a whole new way to prepare and enjoy coffee.    The Tassimo allows you to prepare one drink, of your choice, any time you want—no fuss, no muss!    This was bound to make my afternoon coffee consumption effortless.   Not only would it be easy to make a cuppa-cuppa, but I could now enjoy an espresso or cappuccino (without the full production of a fancy espresso machine, one which I do not have).

I love this baby! It’s easy to use, and it’s super easy to clean, the instructions aren’t hard to follow, it’s beautifully designed, and doesn’t take up too much counter space.

I love it so much that I’m going to make it super easy for you to have a Tassimo T65 of your very own.

(I’m sorry, but the giveaway is only open to those in the US.)

Just leave a comment and tell me how you take your coffee.  It’s that simple. I’ll announce the winner a week from today on May 11th!

Now, if you will, please excuse me while I go make myself a Latte Macchiato!

[Disclosure:  Bosch provided me with my Tassimo T65, but I was not paid to write this post or do the giveaway.  The opinions and sentiments reflected in this post are purely my own.]

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70 Responses to “Daily Cup of Love”
  1. 05.04.2010

    Straight up black – as black as possible.

  2. 05.04.2010

    Ahem. Soooo. i don’t drink coffee. BUT, it’s so pretty and PLEASE say it makes hot chocolate, because I totally drink that. With marshmallows and whipped cream.

  3. Weak and Sweet – very light (I’m a wimp! :) )

  4. 05.04.2010

    You already know how I take my coffee but I will play along…LOL! Double cream, double sugar…no Folgers or Maxwell House…thankyouverymuch!

  5. Jennifer

    strong with a splash of low fat milk if it is hot
    if it is iced it has got to have sugar@!

  6. 05.04.2010

    Mmmm I like my coffee like I like my men, strong, light and sweet!

  7. 05.04.2010

    I like my coffee STRONG.
    Splash of milk.
    And then if I’m feelin’ sassy, I like a cookie to dunk in it.

    BTW, I make REALLY horrible coffee and spend a fortune at the place with green straws. Would love to save some moohlah.

  8. 05.04.2010

    Used to be cream no sugar, but cream broke up with me, so now it’s soymilk no sugar. LOVE.

  9. 05.04.2010

    I NEED this…I’m just saying…

    one milk, one splenda. LOVE.

  10. 05.04.2010

    Splash of cream and a line of Splenda. Cut the coffee with Chickory if you have it. ;)

  11. 05.04.2010

    Officially, “light and sweet.” What that actually equates to is “coffee the same color and taste of haagen dazs coffee ice cream.” :)

  12. I love coffee but i can’t never get it right! so i am at hubbys mercy to prepare my coffee every morning. i think its lots of creme and lots of sugar Lol but the coffee is strong too. nice combo!

  13. 05.04.2010

    My wife and I drink decaf coffee most of the time due to controlling blood pressure. We like Folgers if the budget allows it and we love French Vanilla creamer. My wife uses regular sugar and I use Splenda for sweetner.

  14. Becky

    Well, I don’t drink coffee but Arron does! :) I make it for him every morning. Extra cream & extra sugar. I do love hot chocolate…………………;)

  15. Allyson

    The bolder and stronger better with cream & sugar of course!

  16. 05.04.2010

    Double strong with cream. No Sugar. Love flavored Coffee too! Yum!

  17. 05.04.2010

    That looks like a nifty little machine.
    I’m weird. I make my coffee strong – hair on your chest strong – and then put lots of milk and a little sweetener in it.

  18. 05.04.2010

    Oh man! This is PERFECT! I am the only one in my house who drinks coffee and I have very little space, so I haven’t gotten myself a coffee maker.

    How do I drink it? Every way imaginable! I used to be a barista, so from plain ol’ dark roast to german chocolate mocha, baby!

  19. 05.04.2010

    Just a splash of milk for me, thanks!

  20. melissa

    I have always been a tea drinker and only discovered the beauty that is coffee after I had my son. Now it is part of my morning ritual-vanilla soy milk and a packet of Sweet Leaf. This makes momma happy….and when momma is happy, well, you know the rest. :) Thanks!

  21. 05.04.2010

    mmm, i’ve always been intrigued by the tassimo machine, and i too LOVE coffee. i take mine with half and half and a spoon of sugar in the raw. thanks for the giveaway!
    mary allison

  22. 05.04.2010

    My husband generally starts coffee for us in the morning when he arrives home from work. If I were a perfect wife I’d be up early enough to have coffee ready for him when he arrived home exhausted, tired and ready to unwind after a full night’s work.

    But I’m SO not a morning owl. So instead I take my coffee each morning with a spoonful of guilt. ;-)

    Angela <

  23. 05.04.2010

    Cream and Splenda, with a sweet pastry on the side!

  24. Pauline

    I like my coffee with Baileys. But I usually just use regular creamer…

  25. John G

    I like my coffee like I like my men … strong and black.

    Oh, wait. I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that*.

    In all seriousness, I like my coffee with a dash of Coffee Mate creamer. My absolute favorite times of year are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why? Because that’s when Coffee Mate does me the honor of bringing out their delicious seasonal tastes. Chocolate mint truffle, you will surely be the death of me. I’ve walked into grocery stores and cleaned their shelves for them. Literally walked out with 12 bottles or more.

    So, that’s my coffee love. Or, rather, that’s how much I love coffee mate creamer. Which, as is necessary, needs to be enjoyed with coffee. If I were to choose my favorite brand, I’d have to go with Dunkin. Dunkin is the one coffee where it really doesn’t matter which creamer I have (as evidenced above, I’m a creamer fan … don’t know if that was clear), as long as it’s a nice strong cup of D.

    *Seinfeld reference … did ya catch that?

  26. 05.04.2010

    Oh this would SO make my life easier and save me so much money. I get a huge coffee every day with three creams and two packets of Splenda. This machine looks awesome

  27. Johnna

    Strong! w/ flavored creamer….pref Hazelnut or Pumpkin Spice!

  28. Ryan Graham

    I take my coffee from Starbucks (after paying of course!). This nifty little device would save me tons of cash!

  29. 05.04.2010

    When I drink coffee, I take it with sugar and cream. My guy takes it black. Im more of a hot chocolate kind of girl. which is seems this makes. so i want!

  30. Christie

    I take it with lots and lots of milk and a stevia sweetener instead of sugar. I like blends that include chocolate.

  31. 05.04.2010


    I just peed myself.
    I want.
    I need.
    I COVET.

    Mkay, so coffee? Just put it in me. I can drink it black and super strong, I can drink it weak and with milk. I will drink it sweetened, unsweetened, half frozen or scalding hot. Vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, espresso with water, just give it to me! I LOVE COFFEE. :D

    However, if you put chocolate in my coffee, I’ll have to kick you. That’s just gross.

  32. 05.04.2010

    DD french vanilla with vanilla caramel coffeemate.

  33. Linda

    From the land where the green straw originated…I gave up coffee for lent, succeeded, and am right back on my morning coffee…strong, dark, bold, mixed with milk and the not so waist friendly chocolate (aka my morning mocha). It’s always best when my husband makes it with foam on top and a drizzled chocolate heart!

  34. 05.05.2010

    I take my coffee light and sweet. And if I’m making it Mexi style, with a stick of cinnamon and a bit of vanilla. And yes, the best kind of coffee is the kind made by my sweetie and brought to me while I’m still in bed. :)

  35. Heathersaurus Rex

    I take my coffee very weak, add some delicious cream and splenda and throw in a few pieces of ice. Often times I’ll drizzle a bit of chocolate to entice the flavor. Cinnamon sticks are fabulous as well. <3

  36. 05.05.2010

    I take my coffee light and sweet, just like the cabana boy (Mr. Weasel) who brings it to me in bed every morning as he delivers a kiss to my forehead to wake me from a fabulous sleep.

    Oh, wait….I was dreaming there for a second. The answer to your query is cream and sugar.

  37. 05.05.2010

    Gotta have my Chia Latte from evil starbucks but on a diet so coffee straight

  38. 05.05.2010

    I’m a bold gal myself. With two packets of Splenda and some flavored creamer. *swoon* I have my half a pot in the morning, but some afternoons I enjoy an extra little boost. I have another single serve coffee machine right now that doesn’t even compare to the Tassimo. So I’d love the upgrade. Especially if it comes with an IV drip attachment!

  39. 05.05.2010

    I drink it day and night, and lots of it. Generally black, but that’s so I don’t need to rince my mug (eww, I know). Thanks to WeaselMomma for pointing out your blog.

  40. Dave

    Fairly strong, medium-dark roast, freshly ground, typically with just a bit of half-and-half in it, though I sometimes indulge in overly sweet, flavored coffee drinks.

  41. 05.05.2010

    I’m a total fad kid and get whatever the newest variety is. Gingerbread latte? Check. Dark Chocolate Cherry? Ok! Mocha Choka Latta Ya-Ya? Sure!

  42. 05.05.2010

    Thick. So thick you can stand your spoon in it. And with a gallon of cream. *drool*

  43. 05.05.2010

    PS Do you have Daz Bog in your neck o’ the woods? Organic russian coffee. *swoon*

  44. 05.05.2010

    I would totally give this to my brother for his wedding present. Haha.

  45. Christina

    I take my coffee the way the employee breakroom, neanderthal, so called coffee maker dishes it out.. disgusting. Then I go back to my window-less office and doctor it up with Coffee-mate Italian Sweet Creme. Which has fat in it. Of course it does, it makes my coffee taste acceptable to be consummed by humans. If I am going to indulge in fat in the morning.. I would rather have a cappacino. Even if they would be using me for my wonderful coffee, this machine would improve my co-worker relationships. Meaning more of them would hide from their bosses in MY OFFICE !! Which is a good thing because I get lonely sometimes.

  46. megan

    Mmmm….light and sweet. Which is kind of a contradiction, being that I like my coffee strong enough to be able to arm wrestle me in the morning.

  47. 05.05.2010

    I take mine black with 2 sugars please :)

  48. Sharon McDonald

    I like mine black with Sweet N Low – I too LOVE my coffee – grind my whole beans (Columbian all the way!!!)

  49. Our Chicago has one of those Tassimo things – LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Not enough to make me commute there every day, but…

    I usually make my coffee at home and bring it in a travel mug to work. I mix it with plenty of flavored creamer, most usually, International Delight’s English Almond Toffee. YUM.

  50. 05.05.2010

    I like my coffee STRONG! With cream and just a touch of sugar. The real sugar, not that sweetner stuff.

  51. Deborah Gonzalez

    Plain black, hot or iced.

  52. 05.05.2010

    Coffee. I don’t get it. LOL. I can’t stand the stuff, and additionally I’ve caffeine free for about a year and a half. More power to you, though. :)

  53. 05.06.2010

    I’m a diet coke girl…but I’ve heard that it makes a mean hot chocolate, too. Love love love hot chocolate!

  54. I drink my coffee strong and black :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  55. 05.06.2010

    yum!!! LOVE espresso and mochas!

  56. 05.06.2010

    I have been looking for a cute little machine like this. I like my coffee with hazelnut flavoring and cream. And hot!

  57. Jessica

    I like my really hot with a lot of flavored creamer (usually french vanilla, but I switch it up once in a while)

  58. I don’t drink coffee… but my husband takes it black with just a little cream. :)

  59. Schmidty

    Like my grandma made it …lots of sugar and some condensed milk.

  60. 05.07.2010

    oh mishi… i am a starbucks jerk. i order mine 1/2 caff, nonfat, no foam with vanilla. or a dark cherry mocha. and oh, i lust lust lust after a tassimo.

  61. strong and black baby! and often….oh yes, very often!


  62. Piper

    Any way I can get it. I love it in all forms, except decaf. There’s just no point there.:)

  63. Michelle S

    I take mine plain please!

  64. 05.08.2010

    I take my coffee with eyes closed, with cats circling my ankles mewing in their insistent manner, black elixir of life, strong and aromatic, gonna work my way through each delicious flavor of Gevalia crack of dawn ecstasy, serious black – please only black, no additives or distractions, as hot and stiff as I can tolerate. That’s how I take my coffee.

  65. David S.

    I like simplicity and variety… apparently this machine delivers both! A bold cup of black gold in the morning drives me to get through the day. A sweet indulgence in the evening puts me at ease. Would love to make this a part of my life!

  66. Lisa F.

    I love my coffee with lots of cream and sugar. I can’t help it, I’m a sweets girl! (And I have a friend that works at Bosch! haha)

  67. I am in love with my Keurig, but I would be willing to cheat with the Tassimo if it gave me the right wink.

  68. 05.10.2010

    I take my coffee with my eyes half shut. well ok at least the first cup. My husband drinks it all day long, you have no idea what kinda of awesomeness this Keurig would bring into our sleepy lives…

  69. Agentninety9

    1 sugar and plenty of cream :)

  70. I take mine with plenty of flavored creamer and half n half.

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