David’s Surgery Day is Here

David Alexander

Sometimes when things are planned you think they’ll never ever get here.   Like, it’s so far away in time that it just has to be forever before it gets here.  Wrong.   Time passes by quickly.  The sands stream effortlessly through the hourglass, and the day is (all-of-the-sudden) here.

That day is today.

David’s surgery (for an undescended testicle) is today.   It’s a routine surgery, I’m told, and it is an outpatient one as it is.   Still, it’s surgery.  He’ll be intubated.  He’ll be under general anesthesia.  A surgeon will cut into him and he will experience some form of discomfort afterwards.

To be honest, it scares the living shit out of me.   I will be strong though.  I have to.  Not just for myself, but for that little boy that counts on me to be so.

Prayers, good thoughts, vibes, whatever-whatever is ABSOLUTELY appreciated!

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26 Responses to “David’s Surgery Day is Here”
  1. Elizabeth

    My prayers with your beautiful boy and family! My son also had this done, piece of cake…everything will be fine!

  2. 05.18.2009

    prayers and hugs for you and your boy.

  3. Misty

    My thoughts and prayers are with you… Your little man will be just fine..
    :o) Ayden’s Mom..

  4. 05.18.2009

    I’m thinking of you guys! <33

  5. 05.18.2009

    Oh honey, that is really scary. He’s such a baby!!

    Thinking of you both and sending love your way….


  6. 05.18.2009

    Hang in there kid. He’ll be fine. Just hope, that with the properly hanging testicle, he doesn’t suddenly drop the tone of his voice and start growing a beard.

    Just kidding. He’ll be fine.

  7. 05.18.2009

    All the prayers and good vibes I can muster are headed your way.

  8. 05.18.2009

    My thoughts, prayers, and hopes are with you and your sweet boy!

  9. Thoughts, prayers, positive vibes to you and Davey.

  10. 05.18.2009

    I understand how hard this is. My son has had nine surgeries and it never, EVER gets any easier. Quite the contrary. I am thinking of you and praying all goes as planned and that he has a speedy recovery.

  11. 05.18.2009

    I’ll be thinking of little Davey, and you, today. I’m sure he’ll come through with no problem. Be strong!

  12. psumommy

    Hang in there, mama! Seeing your baby go onto surgery is never easy. I hope it’s over quickly and your sweet baby is back in your arms again!

  13. 05.18.2009

    I’ve already prayed for Davey today! I’m sure everything will be fine but I totally understand where you are coming from. Emma has been poked and prodded more than any 2 year old should be…one time it took them FOUR FREAKIN’ HOURS to get an IV started on her….11 sticks in different parts of her body. I’ve never been more upset in my life!

    Give Davey hugs from me and teensy kiss on his cheek from Emma!

  14. 05.18.2009

    hugs hugs hugs and lots of cuddles and smooches for both of you!!!

  15. 05.18.2009

    We’ve been through that same surgery twice. Any surgery is scary, but it really is routine. Our prayers are with you and David today.

  16. 05.18.2009

    Your family is in our prayers today. ((hugs))

  17. 05.18.2009

    Mishi-saying a prayer for Davey today that all will go well with surgery and the healing process. Hugs from his playroom friend, Kaia.

  18. 05.18.2009

    Good luck. It is scary! Our son had surgery at 2 months. I’ve never felt so helpless. Prayers are with you and your family.

  19. You guys have been on my mind ALL. DAY.

    We will be going through a similar day next month with my daughter, Taylor. She is undergoing surgery to repair a hernia. She’s 5 and non verbal autistic. Every passing day finds me getting more nervous, even though we’ve been told that this is a “routine” surgery. Nothing is routine for an autie. =)

    Hugs ?

  20. 05.18.2009

    Hope it went well, and that he’s home now

  21. Thinking of you both. ? I hope everything went well. please update soon. hugs!

  22. Jana

    All my positive thoughts and prayers going out Davey and to you also Mishelle!!

  23. 05.18.2009

    I hope all went well and that Davey is recovering comfortably, and that Mom is doing well too.

  24. 05.18.2009

    Thinking of you and hoping it all went well.

    We’ve got one coming up, but not until July or August, so yeah, that’ll never get here, right???

    Really – how scary. Hoping you all are relaxing now.

  25. 05.19.2009

    you and yours are in my heart today and always.

  26. 05.19.2009

    I DO hope everything went well. XoxoxoX

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