Deck the Halls

If there is one thing I love, it is to decorate for various holidays. Christmas is the best, by far. Every year I add something new to our big bin of decorations. This year it is the golden bells hanging on the kitchen window. Simple. Classic. Lovely.

Welcome to our home;
Our halls our decked,
Full of merry and bright.
Our tree is trimmed
Full of reminders and light.

All images can be seen at my Flickr page!

Showing Off the Crazy Spirit!

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34 Responses to “Deck the Halls”
  1. 12.16.2008

    WOW! I just don’t go all out like that! You are amazing!
    What are those Starbucks coffee cups in the tree? Do you recycle them and then put goodies in them?

    I keep two Santas out all year long to keep an eye on my children.

    Jean at Penny Lane’s last blog post..Heads or Tails #69 – Anything Round

  2. Your home looks wonderful! Love the sbux ornaments! ;-)

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s last blog post..Unprecedented

  3. 12.16.2008

    I stalked you over at flickr.. :) Love these.. the Starbucks are hangin on our tree too!! Great Christmas Photos Mish!!

    Kim’s last blog post..Paying it Forward with a Twist

  4. 12.16.2008

    Amazingly beautiful! You have the Martha gene that I am in such desperate need of. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

  5. 12.16.2008

    This looks like the holiday spread in a magazine! You are so gifted!

  6. 12.16.2008

    This is sooooooooo pretty!!!
    There is so much warmth in your house! Beautiful!

    Jientje’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday, Food … Glorious Food …

  7. 12.16.2008

    So creative and artistic!

    Love it – especially the coffee cups hanging off the tree – awesome!

    Don Mills Diva’s last blog post..How I learned to stop worrying and start loving McDonald’s

  8. 12.16.2008

    wonderful. I love to decorate for Christmas as well, but haven’t done as much this year. I needed to cut back on something, so I decided to worry less about getting all the decorations up. I enjoyed seeing the photos of yours very much though. thanks for sharing.

    Corey’s last blog post..This Mama Doesn’t Waste Postage

  9. 12.16.2008

    When they were little, #1 son and #2 son both had trouble with the word “decorations”. They were ‘decorints’ – something like a second cousin to “do der ints”.

    lceel’s last blog post..In answer to the question

  10. 12.16.2008

    I’m speechless… The Starbucks coffee cups made me smile. :-)

  11. 12.16.2008

    Wow! A well decorated home. And u’re so creative to use the Starbucks cups as ornaments. :)

    Merry Christmas to U and ur family. Have fun!

    Dora’s last blog post..Ajisen Ramen

  12. 12.16.2008

    So very perfectly Christmasy. I need to put up the tree now that it finally arrived yesterday. Or I’ll just come back to this post. ;)

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Weekly Winners Sunday 12/14/08

  13. 12.16.2008

    All beautiful! I Love the use of cups on the three.. what a great idea!

  14. Overload!!! I could take one picture and that’d be it for my house. Your decorations are beautiful.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]’s last blog post..If Only I Were as Kind as Mrs. Goodbee

  15. 12.17.2008

    absolutely beautiful

    flutter’s last blog post..seasonal affective disorder

  16. 12.17.2008

    The last two are my favorites. Brilliant idea.

    orlund’s last blog post..Yammy Food

  17. 12.17.2008

    I took some photos of our ornaments last night too! I love the Starbucks….sooooo Mishi those ornaments are!

    AnnD’s last blog post..Baby Photoshoot!

  18. 12.17.2008

    Starbuck’s ornaments! Love it!
    Thank you for the visual treat. <3

    Joyce’s last blog post..Simple Woman’s Daybook

  19. 12.17.2008

    Wow! Fantastic. Nice to see another Christmas decorator fanatic like myself!

  20. 12.17.2008

    Your home looks straight out of a decorating magazine.

    You suck. ;)

    Dory’s last blog post..Meme-wars of a Blogger

  21. 12.17.2008

    Wow, what gorgeous decorations! We can’t even get our tree to stand upright so far this year, lol.

    Qtpies7’s last blog post..Are you hungry?

  22. 12.17.2008

    Very pretty!

    I have those Starbucks ornaments!

    junebug’s last blog post..Tagged!

  23. 12.18.2008


    I was thinking about doing this very same post. Though, it wouldn’t be nearly this lovely. Gorgeous photography, Mishi.

    emily’s last blog post..The Snarkiest Christmas Post Ever

  24. 12.19.2008

    Soooo beautiful Mishi! Now you made me feel really bad because this year I’m not doing much decorating as we’re going abroad. But looking at your pictures I suddenly remember what we’re missing…

  25. 12.20.2008

    AWWWWW. I just smiled for like, 10 minutes, looking at these!

    Zoeyjane’s last blog post..On Annual Traditions

  26. 12.20.2008

    Shazam! Wanna do my house next year? Totally blew me away.

    Shellie’s last blog post..Christmas Crazy Continues

  27. 12.20.2008

    Oh wow. Leaving the awesome decorations aside, your *photography* is magic (I guess you already know that though).

    Amanda’s last blog post..Christmas Crazy: Dear Heather and John

  28. 12.20.2008

    ONGoodness, these are GORGEOUS pictures! I love the starbucks ornanments the best!

    Susie’s last blog post..PSF: A Crazy Sweet Christmas!!

  29. 12.20.2008

    Amazing photos, and your house looks like a model home. Just beautiful.

    Kel’s last blog post..Patrick, your crazy is showing.

  30. 12.20.2008

    OMG! The Starbucks ornaments! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

    Kelley’s last blog post..Show us your Crazy. Christmas Crazy that is.

  31. 12.20.2008

    Lovely! Just Lovely! I was gonna say, STARBUCKS HAS ORNAMENTS??, too, but Kelley beat me to it! LOL! Merry Christmas

    Damama T’s Christmas Crazy, too!

    Damama T’s last blog post..Show Your Christmas Crazy!

  32. 12.20.2008

    Your decorations and photography are absolutely exquisite!!!! Merry Christmas :)

    Lightening’s last blog post..Smiley Saturday – Christmas Crazy

  33. 12.20.2008

    Ooooo, I loves them nutcrackers you gots there. I used to collect those nesting Santa’s. My son has them now at his house.

    Karen’s last blog post..A Palpable Mass, Part III

  34. 12.21.2008

    That’s not crazy…that is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite are the Starbucks ornaments.

    Outnumbered’s last blog post..Christmas Crazy? Why Just One Day?

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