Dinner with Friends

This blog has afforded me a number of things.  One of those things?  Friendship.

And for it I am so thankful.

I don’t have very many friends that I see on a daily basis.   On a daily basis, though, I see and feel the love of so many that I call my friends.  Love when they come here and tell me something sweet.  Love when they leave me a comment on an old picture on Flickr or Facebook.  Love on Twitter when I am asked a very random question that I just totally get.  Love when I get an email inviting me to a gathering of friends, old and new.

The friends that live in my laptop are so great.

And for them I am so thankful.

Sweetest Georgia Peach -  Cheesehead - Canuck I Have the Pleasure of Knowing

She's Got Beautiful Eyes

Big Wine for Big Bloggers
@motherbumper {on left, in purpley bokeh splendidness}

A New Friend Named Apryl

Cleaning Up After @gavmartell's Scrumptious Dinner!

Me in the Mirror
@secretagentmama {in selfy-pee}

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9 Responses to “Dinner with Friends”
  1. 01.30.2010


    GOD I love Janet’s hair.

  2. 01.30.2010

    lovely ladies and lovely pictures of what I’m sure was a lovely evening.

  3. Totally friggin gorgeousness all around.

  4. 01.31.2010

    I totally get this. I love the friends who live in my mac.

  5. 01.31.2010

    Dinner with real friends is quite a treat indeed! thanks for sharing!

  6. 01.31.2010

    What a fun get-together! I especially love the rooster chair in @aiminglow’s pic :)

  7. 02.01.2010

    What gorgeous photos! It looks like a wonderful getogether. Lovely to see the real faces.

  8. *sigh* I wish we were all still there together (with the food too… mmmmm the food). Lovely pics as always :)

  9. 03.09.2010

    I love my real *imaginary* friends too… so much. But, you know that already…

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