Eat More Chili

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I met my friend Shelly for dinner on Wednesday night.  She’s one of the seventeen Michelle-derivative named friends that I have.  She’s also the first person that I met and befriended when we moved to GA (Part I) in 2004.  We’ve been good friends even though I’m slack and don’t get together enough with her.  Oh and she’s probably going to be my in-law someday.  At least I’ll be able to go to my in-laws house and get drunk and laugh.  Especially at our old husbands!

Start It Off Right, Rita

The thing about moms is sometimes we don’t eat all day long.  It’s not that we are neglecting ourselves, it’s just that we forget.  Ok, ok, we are neglecting ourselves.  Then we arrange to meet another mom friend for dinner.  We get some margarita in us and BAM we’re liquored up.   We’re loud (well, actually, I’m loud.) Then we find that we’re talking about stuff we should really be talking about in the privacy of one of our homes, perhaps over some Trader Joe’s wine and fondue?

Eat More Chili

It’s apparent to me that Shelly and I need to get out for these friend dates more often.  My face hurt from laughing.  Here’s the thing, though:  The best part of it all is knowing someone accepts you in all your inappropriate glory.   Knowing that you almost walked out of the bathroom with TP stuck to your shoe, telling your pal, only to hear her laugh and tell you a story that tops it.  Knowing that you can tell her that a Facebook quiz deemed you a sexual deviant and her reply is that she already knew it.  Knowing that you can laugh, cry, stomp, spit, and simply drone on about mindless crap…that’s friendship.

Viva la friendship, yo!

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6 Responses to “Eat More Chili”
  1. 04.10.2009

    LOL, looks like it was fun!

  2. 04.10.2009

    Yay for chick friends! I love that you were taking pictures and vidding everything…. that’s awesome.

  3. 04.10.2009

    Friends are good!

  4. Good friends are THE best and completely and totally a necessity to life!
    I love your description of her and love that you took snaps and vids ;-)

  5. 04.10.2009

    One of my favorite quotes by the ever prolific Anon – “A friend is someone who knows EVERYTHING about you, but likes you anyway.”

    And SWMBO usually likes to keep me AWAY from the chili. I’m just sayin’.

  6. 04.10.2009

    First, love the pictures.. of course. :)

    And I am super jealous..I have not been out with friends in such a long time..looks like it was a ton of fun!

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