Emulating Big Brother

Day 8:

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13 Responses to “Emulating Big Brother”
  1. 01.08.2009

    Oh lol, that’s so cute! He’s drowning in that shirt :)

  2. 01.08.2009

    How cute! It’s pictures like this makes me wish the boys were closer in age. Great shot!

  3. 01.08.2009

    Why, why, why is is so stinkin’ cute?

  4. 01.08.2009

    They both are soooo cute. Reminds me of my boys when they were little.

  5. 01.08.2009

    They looked like they were all having a great time. Wonderful to see a family with happy children.

  6. 01.08.2009

    Oh Mish.. how sweet is that first picture!!!!

  7. 01.08.2009

    aaawww what sweet photos these are! (not to mention great shots!)

  8. 01.09.2009

    oh, the cute!!

  9. 01.09.2009

    your children are precious and it’s so wonderful that they will look back on their carefree, childhood days with such vivid color and raw emotion. You have been blessed with many gifts dear lady!

  10. 01.09.2009

    that second photo is particularly perfect. i want to kiss his little forehead!!!

  11. Jackie G

    Beautiful pictures! They have grown so much!

  12. Jennifer

    You have wonderful light in your house. Mine seems like a dungeon compared to yours!

  13. 01.09.2009

    But you’d better get that cell phone out of his hand before he gets attached!!

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