“Feels like we’re on another level. Feels like our love’s intertwined.”

Forgotten Party Favors Liveynastic
I like my eyelashes. My eyebrowns, on the otherhand, need some tending to.  Oh and I totally just said eyebrowns.  Deal.
Day 88| Indiana Lane
Interwined (yes, interwined)
She <3s Bubbles
Storytime fun! The Mayfield Cow
Big Thinking Chair
Hey Paisano Day 89 | Holy Thursday

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3 Responses to ““Feels like we’re on another level. Feels like our love’s intertwined.””
  1. 04.02.2010

    Beautiful! )

  2. love the photos and the music!

  3. 04.02.2010

    I couldn’t even begin to decide which one of these is my favorite… My tops would be the sky shots, the baby feet, and the bottle reflections!

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