Fire and Ice

Day 11 | Fire


Like fire and ice

A mix of pleasure and pain

You drive me insane

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6 Responses to “Fire and Ice”
  1. 01.11.2010

    I wonder about the inspiration(s) for this. Quite possibly, it could be me. :)

  2. 01.11.2010


  3. 01.11.2010

    Absolutely LOVE this!

  4. 01.11.2010

    Fire and Ice. How descriptive … of so many, many things.

  5. 01.12.2010

    Great pictures! I have tried to get some good picts of fire in the past with varying success. Great job in capturing both!

  6. 01.14.2010

    gorgeous icicle!

    We’ve had enough of the ice around here though!

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