Five Minute Breakfast Poems {One}

I’m searching for a song
Listening closely to find it
I heard it while I was by myself

The lyrics sank into me while
In a king sized bed
I heard it when I was myself

Searching for a song
When you don’t know the name is hard
I heard it when I craved to find myself

I will find the song
I will listen closely to it again
I heard it to see myself better

The lyrics are lost in my brain
Though the lyrics are emblazoned upon my heart
I heard it as I talked to myself

When I finally find the song
I will release the words from my lips
I heard that it will make me more—myself–-whole

I’m searching for a song
With power to touch a corner of your soul
I heard it and, at the very least, it has helped to heal

Come and play along!

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One Response to “Five Minute Breakfast Poems {One}”
  1. 04.08.2011

    got it baby! I am posting it today- do another one today! It’s #2 day! xoxo

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