Flip Flops Be Gone

It seems like fall is f i n a l l y here, and I’ve traded my flip-flops for those oddly comfortable Trailbreak Crocs.

Yesterday, I even needed a sweater at the park (the park by the pool that is all closed up and covered tightly.)

Now I wait.  I wait for fiery colors to emerge.  For night to fall even earlier than it does.  For extra blankets.  And, howling wind.

Yes, my flip-flops are all but done, but fall ALWAYS makes my belly do flip-flops.

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6 Responses to “Flip Flops Be Gone”
  1. 10.06.2010

    I adore fall as well!! It always makes me happy!!

  2. 10.06.2010

    This is my favorite time of year: jeans, hoodies…. and flip flops. (Actually, it’s been in the 40s in the mornings, so I’ve dragged the chucks back out).

  3. 10.07.2010

    Fall is my favorite time of year in Chicago – only because Spring is so unreliable. Usually, Chicago goes right from Winter into Summer with naught but a passing glance at Spring. Fall, however, means cooler days and the smell of burning leaves on the weekend – a smell which takes me back to my childhood quicker than anything else except Dobie Gillis reruns.

    And as for flip flops – why did you not flip flop that photo? So we would see it right way ’round? Hmmm?

  4. Michael

    only because Spring is so unreliable

    This was my exact complaint in Buffalo, NY. I saw big snow in late May during my first Winter (Spring, actually). I think the week after was high temps in the 80’s with high humidity. Gotta love Great Lakes weather!

  5. 10.07.2010

    I hardly EVER flip-flop reflections. LOL Metaphorical?

  6. I love fall. Although this year no jeans for me since I am nearly halfway through my year without pants.

    Love the new look!!

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