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I’m actually doing another self portrait challenge.  I affectionately call it the “Selfy Pee Project”, and I’m using Posterous to showcase them daily.

This series is part of The Flip Side, however.

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9 Responses to “Flip It Good”
  1. 09.28.2010

    My 365 self-portrait project was something I really loved. I’m on day 320 of a second 365 (non-self portrait) project, and want to do another self-portrait after a few months break…

    I LOVE this portrait!! LOVE it :)

  2. 09.28.2010

    Cuteness to the extreme!

  3. 09.28.2010

    So creative!

  4. 09.28.2010

    Oh, I love these!! They’re great :D Love the framed effect and the angles you used.

  5. 09.28.2010

    oh my gosh love this! can i be you when i grow up?

  6. 09.28.2010

    Love love love this!

  7. 09.28.2010

    love it.

    love. it.

  8. 09.29.2010

    love. love. love.

  9. 10.02.2010

    this rocks!

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