Yummy in my Tummy

First thing we usually do is eat breakfast.
Of course, after the Webkinz Party,
Or more Harry Potter reading and coffee making.
David has three things on his mind, though, affas, amungas, and iwk!

Fantastic mini-muffins
Out of the bag, but–whatev--they’re
Really yummy with chocolate chips added in.

The hours pass and our tummies grumble.
Happiness ensues when soup is put
On the stove to warm, and sandwiches are made.
Usually pictures are taken; it’s a month-long tradition.
Grateful for what is placed before us, then we ask…
How long till dinner?
Today’s Menu: Take it or Leave it!

Week in the Life {January} Day 5

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9 Responses to “Yummy in my Tummy”
  1. Elizabeth

    I love Davey’s expression and his shirt!

  2. 01.30.2009

    I am going to start using that saying ALL the time! I have 2 kids, one really picky eater. This is going to be my new favorite expression!! Today’s menu take it or leave it!!! LOVE IT :)

  3. 01.30.2009

    Love today’s menu! Once again, your pictures are beautiful. I really like the colors and lighting.

  4. 01.30.2009

    Okay, I really need to know why you were standing on the chair lol

    That salad looks delicious!

  5. 01.30.2009

    Black & Decker – that’s like a really Heavy Duty toaster, right?

  6. 01.31.2009

    I have a Black & Decker toaster too!

    I love the abacus on the table in front of the kid eating, looks so scholarly….

  7. 01.31.2009

    I’m really enjoying this series of yours.

  8. 01.31.2009

    Loving the the perspective, and the glimpse into making the ordinary not so ordinary! Brava!

    And I must tell you how wonderful this little comment editor feature of yours is! I totally messed up what I was saying and now, I can fix it! :) COOL!!!

  9. 01.31.2009

    My favorite slippers look very much like yours!! Hahahaah!!!

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