For Casey: A Pictorial Essay

I “knew” her before I actually knew her.  I read her blog, I watched her speak at a conference that I didn’t get to attend,  I fell in love with her story,  I admired her photography and love of Canon, and I never-ever-ever imagined that we would be friends.  But, that’s what this blogosphere has afforded so many of us—Friendship!

Casey is having her second baby girl this May, and I just wanted to let her know how much she means to me.  I admire her and think she’s brave, patient, kind, forgiving, talented, sweet, and funny.  I want her to know that I respect her as a fellow artist, and I am so excited to watch her grow and expand on her journey of motherhood and life.   I want her to know how much her friendship means to me.

This pictorial essay is how I have seen Casey through my lens…through my eyes.   And, I look forward to adding to this wonderful collection of memories.





Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7414Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7416

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8 Responses to “For Casey: A Pictorial Essay”
  1. 03.16.2011

    You are such a wonderful friend Mishi!

    Great job on giving love to Casey <3


  2. 03.16.2011

    This is like my very own spread in the Boston Globe’s big picture only better because I love you SO MUCH MORE than the Boston Globe!

    Thank you darling, and that bathroom photobomb will go down as one of my best ever.


  3. 03.16.2011

    I love this. So thoughtful. Friends should do this for each other more often.

  4. 03.16.2011

    it’s all happening! yayayayay

  5. 03.16.2011


    love you both!


  6. 03.16.2011

    That Casey…. she is one loved lady.
    : )

  7. 03.17.2011

    This is so wonderful Mishi. Well done.

  8. 03.19.2011

    Casey is SUCH a sweetheart. And so, by golly, are you.

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