Growing Old Together

Dearest Michael,

This is the fourteenth birthday that I am blessed to commemorate with you.  Fourteen years that I am thankful that your mother gave birth to you and raised you so well.   Fourteen years that seem so minuscule compared to the number ahead of us.

Look at how young we were.  Babies.  I hadn’t seen more than the city of Buffalo when you came into my life.  Sure there were vacations to a few beaches, but I was so naive and sheltered.  It’s a wonder that you came into my life when you did.  Who knows?  What if?

I feel, though, that no matter what, we were destined to cross paths.  I hold within me a strong belief that destiny is destiny and there’s very little messing with it.

Now look at us! Four kids, two dogs, three major moves under our belts, and your successful career change.

Sure we’ve had our share of depressions, mistakes, and broken remotes, but we’ve had way more good times than bad.    The most amazing thing to me, though, is how we just get each other.   I still think you pick on me too much.  OK, so I really like it.  Go figure?!

So, on your 39th birthday (I’m sorry to say it, baby, but let it be known that you look really good for a thirty-nine year old man) I want to wish you even more happiness, even more love, even more prosperity, even more orgasms, even more good times, and even more birthdays with me by your side.

Happy Birthday, Michael!
You’re my favorite.

Love Always,
Your Mishelle

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16 Responses to “Growing Old Together”
  1. 12.09.2008

    this is so sweet!

    flutter’s last blog post..Underwater

  2. 12.09.2008

    SO sweet. Especially the orgasm wishes. Happy Birthday, Michael!

    Zoeyjane’s last blog post..On Kinky and Straight

  3. 12.09.2008

    Happy Birthday!

    AnnD’s last blog post..Weekly Winners!

  4. Incredibly lovely.

    Happy Birthday!

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]’s last blog post..Itty Bitty Titty Committee

  5. 12.09.2008

    Happy birthday, Michael!

    Burgh Baby’s last blog post..Guess What!

  6. Super sweet. I love it!

  7. 12.09.2008

    OMG – You must be the perfect woman! First – an artist. Second – wishing your husband to have even more … you know … Happy Birthday Mikey, you lucky dog, you.

    lceel’s last blog post..Paying it Forward: A Holiday Giveaway

  8. 12.09.2008

    happy birthday to Michael!

    Jeanette’s last blog post..Best buddies

  9. 12.09.2008

    Happy birthday Michael!!
    May you live to have many many more happy years together!!

    Jientje’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday Boyds Bears Santa

  10. 12.09.2008


    happy birthday, michael!

    slouching mom’s last blog post..Calling All Readers of Slouching Past 40

  11. 12.09.2008


    Happy Birthday Michael! That was great Mishelle.

    Lisa’s last blog post..1 Cars, 2 Mikey’s and 4 Scooby Doo’s later

  12. 12.09.2008

    Awh… Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    Kim’s last blog post..Smell McDreamy – Excuse me while I name drop

  13. 12.09.2008

    Happy Birthday, Michael!

    I forgot that Patrick and Michael share a birthday…even down to the year! Patrick turned 39 today too!

    Cindy’s last blog post..Um…oops!

  14. Happy birthday!

    Heather, Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..Detox-uh-fa-kay-shun

  15. Aww. Mishi. Such a sweet & sentimental post. We’re right there with you.

    Anglophile Football Fanatic’s last blog post..I’ve Become THAT Mother

  16. 12.11.2008

    Just now getting caught up, and you are just too sweet. So very happy for you and for Michael, too.

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Busy Girl

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