Head Over Heels

My friend, OHMommy, over at Classy Chaos has started a new photography challenge. It’s appropriately called “Classy Chaos Challenge” where the idea is to think outside the box when it comes to photography. I like to think that I do think out of the box, and I believe this is what draws OHMommy and I to one another.

Think outside of the box. The summer light is perfect for taking pictures of heads. Yes. Take a picture of a head. Go ahead. Teeheee… there is virtually no shadows when taking pictures of heads. You do not have to worry about lightening or poses, just snap away.


Drumming to his beat
Laughter is his main concern
Happiness courses




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20 Responses to “Head Over Heels”
  1. 06.20.2008

    These are great! I am taking Graham to the park tonight and I will be taking OHMommy up on her challenge…

  2. 06.20.2008

    Oh his curls are so dreamy!! And his cheeks!!! His cheeks are yummy! And his pudgy little fingers…ripe for nibbling!

  3. 06.20.2008

    These are GREAT. Totally frame-worthy!

  4. 06.20.2008

    What is it about curls that makes them so flippin’ darn cute??? Great pictures! :)

  5. 06.20.2008

    I love the black and white.

  6. 06.20.2008

    love them! love them :-)

  7. 06.20.2008

    What gorgeous shots! I love the second one!

  8. 06.20.2008

    love all the pics! :-) i try to think crazy box! :-D

  9. I think I like the B&W Davey best. He looks like he’s just up to something. Have a great weekend, Mish.

  10. The curls are awesome!

  11. 06.20.2008

    Awe, be still my heart. Curls make me melt . . .

  12. 06.20.2008

    Did you specifically utilize the drum for the drum head? Or was it serendipity?

  13. 06.20.2008

    It was a little of both, actually. The kids were playing the drums, Davey got a hold of the big one, and it was then that I decided to take him outside to utilize the natural light.

  14. 06.20.2008

    Awwwww…. i just knew you would have something up your sleeve. And I was right,


  15. 06.20.2008

    These are so cute! What great pics.

  16. 06.21.2008

    LOVE the pictures. PLaying the drum is adorable. You have some wonderful photography on your site. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  17. 06.21.2008

    These are fabulous. Great job!

  18. 06.21.2008

    These are wonderful!

  19. 06.23.2008

    Sweet pictures of Davey. :)

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