Atlanta’s Hebrew National Better-than-a-Picnic-Picnic

I’ve been talking about this on Twitter and Facebook for a while, and the time has finally come for Hebrew National’s Better-Than-a-Picnic-Picnic in Atlanta.

I’m honored to be one of the four hosts for our city; the last city of the whole tour.   That’s a pretty big deal!

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, it is my hope that you come and join us!

WHEN: July 24th, 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

WHERE: Centennial Park

WHO: You can bring kids, family, friends — many other local bloggers and their kids will be there, too!

WHAT: Fun, Hebrew National Hotdogs, friends, a service project (details below)

There will be so much to do and enjoy; music, giant puzzles, a mechanical bull, and other activities for kids and families, alike!

Our service projects are pretty fantastic, yo!


Atlanta Community Food Bank-Kids in Need: Sometimes it’s the simplest of tools that are the hardest to obtain, like school supplies. Kids in Need is a program through the ACFB that works with eligible teachers and schools to help provide students with those much needed supplies.

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter: It’s easy to make a child happy—a stuffed animal, a matchbox car, a set of paints or playdough; they can all easily do the trick. Unfortunately not every child has the means to attain simple pleasures. Donations of this kind can make a difference in a child’s life. We have the power to make that happen, one gift at a time!


Photographs can spread a message. We will be taking pictures of kids who attend the Hebrew Nations Better-than-a-Picnic Picnic and creating a mosaic of the beauty and innocence that is childhood, and we’ll present this framed mosaic to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter to hang on their walls!

I can’t wait for Saturday.  I hope to see you there!!

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8 Responses to “Atlanta’s Hebrew National Better-than-a-Picnic-Picnic”
  1. 07.20.2010

    Hot Dog! Looking foward to it!

  2. 07.20.2010

    Bum! We will be out of town. But will definitely let my friends know about this!

  3. 07.20.2010

    It’s gonna be a busy day for us.

  4. 07.20.2010

    Awwww…total bummer!

  5. 07.20.2010

    Hotlanta? Mmmmm. That’s a fer piece – I’m thinkin’ I ain’t gonna make it. But I wish I could – if only to see you. And to take some kid pics.

  6. 07.23.2010

    You know what? I actually think we might be able to come (WHICH WILL ROCK)—we’ve been Hebrew National fans ever since marriage when I was told by my husband that there “is no other hotdog” ….so we’re stoked to get to be there. I thought Wolf had to work but, looks like no! YAY!

    I will squish you so hard you may never recover.


  7. 07.26.2010

    We were psyched to go then reality set in that we had a TON of errands and chores to cram in during Hubs’ 1.5 days at home each week. We’ve still got some adjusting to do to the new situation.
    Hope to see a recap post from one of you hosts.

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