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{Shots taken with my *Lensbaby Composer}

I’m the kinda girl that hangs with photogranerds
Like a fly on the wall with my secret [agent] eyes
Takin it in, try to be feminine
With my Epiphanie bag watchin all the sin
Misfit, I sit
Speedlite it up, wicked
Everybody else adding to Whrrl
With the Alltops and the writers’ words

I’m just sippin on hot coffee
Watching boys and girls and their blog appeal
With a stranger in the face who says he knows my mom
And went to my high school

All the Canons say,
Hey Baby, Lensbaby, Hey
Nikons Say, Nikons Say,
Hey Baby, Lensbaby, Hey
Hey Baby Baby
Hey Baby, Lensbaby, Hey
Canons Say, Canons Say
Hey Baby, Lensbaby, Hey
All the Canons, all the Nikons in the back

– – – – – – – – –

Thanks for sitting through that—really—but, whenever I use my Lensbaby I think of Hey Baby by No Doubt.  I just can’t help it.

The Lensbaby Composer (featuring the new Lensbaby Optic Swap System) has been a welcome addition to my camera bag.  It has allowed me to take the most creative shots ever with its ball and socket design that allows for stable selective focus from eighteen inches to infinity.

To use:

  • I just drop the appropriate magnetic aperture disc (f/2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, or 22; keeping in mind that the bigger the number the smaller the sweet spot of focus) in front of the lens
  • Tilt the lens whichever way I see fit for a certain shot, find the sweet spot
  • Manually focus,
  • I can even lock the focus so I don’t lose the sweet spot by simply turning the locking ring away from the shutter button, and
  • Shoot.

It’s that easy.  It’s that cool.   There’s no autofocus.  There’s not always a guarantee of complete sharpness.  However, there is—I believe—a feeling that is captured in my Lensbaby pictures that is really fulfilling to me as an artist.

*The Lensbaby Composer was given to me to review.  The opinions and love for it, though, are purely my own!

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11 Responses to “Hey Baby, Lensbaby, Hey”
  1. I’ve considered trying one of these…maybe it’s finally time. : )

    Loved your song!

  2. 03.24.2010

    Now I really want one!!

  3. I sO SO SO WANT!!!!!! I’ve been drooling over them since I saw them for the first time! YAY For you getting yours! That’s sooo exciting! Maile and KAren and Tracey all have them, too and they look amazing!

  4. 03.24.2010

    this lens lives on my camera about 95% of the time. i love it so freakin’ much.

  5. 03.24.2010

    Sweet lensbaby! I don’t know that I’m ready for it but, definitely something to work towards!

  6. 03.25.2010

    Do you really want to get me started on how much I love the LensBaby {again}? I forgot to give you a chance to try the non-composer version of the LensBaby. Full bellows movement, no having to commit to the sweet spot because everything is fluid and from the hip. Oh, I should mention I have the Composer, too. And all the other LensBaby accessories, because my hubby loves me THAT much. Maybe we should meet for dinner again with alll our Babies and this time we’ll both be singing Hey baby, LensBaby, hey! together :)

  7. 03.25.2010

    Absolutely!! Remember, we could end up in-laws someday!

  8. 03.26.2010

    I reeeally want to play with one of these. I want to try the Muse too. SO. BAD. But since I’m sti

  9. 03.26.2010

    As I was trying to say before I accidentally hit submit (stupid laptop)… Since I’m still learning how to drive my body I should probably just wait.

  10. 03.28.2010

    I’d LOVE to get one of them.

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