Hope in a Necklace

My friend, Lisa, has a gift.  She makes the most beautiful jewelery that I’ve ever seen.  Along with the gift of being an extraordinary jeweler, she has the gift of compassion and giving. With every purchase of the Hope Necklace, she is donating a third of the proceeds to help the devastated people of Haiti.


A special delivery arrived a couple days ago…

Day 55 | Studio Jewel Day 55 | Studio Jewel
Day 55 | Studio Jewel
Day 55 | Studio Jewel

Written on the card:

“We need to SURROUND those impacted by this disaster with HOPE – thus the significance of the silver circle encompassing the hope disk.  It will take our faith, our hope and our love to feed their emotional needs…but it will also take our hands.  We need to use WOOD, STONE and METAL, as seen in the individual beads, to rebuild what has been lost – to rebuild lives torn apart.  We must LINK together, as represented by the silver chain, as a people united in order to serve others and share our HOPE for a new and better future.”
—Lisa Lehmann, Studio Jewel

{If you want to help, and have this beautiful symbol of hope, visit Lisa and order yours today!}

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7 Responses to “Hope in a Necklace”
  1. 02.26.2010

    How pretty is that necklace. I think what Lisa is doing is a great thing.

  2. mishi…you rock! thanks for helping me DO something and for being a great friend!

  3. 02.26.2010

    I love Lisa’s work. I have a “peace” necklace she made me that reminds me to breathe. :)

  4. oh wow! this is so amazing. ♥

  5. 02.27.2010

    It is gorgeous.
    Lisa is amazingly talented.

  6. 03.03.2010

    Talented and generous, your friend. Lovely pics of her lovely wares, mama…

  7. 03.03.2010

    Wow, that’s really gorgeous… off to see if she’ll post to South Africa!

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