I am Simply Fearless

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Some really cool things have been happening to me lately.

  • I’m writing for a really cool project.  So cool that I can’t even really talk about it here.
  • I’ve been asked to speak at a conference about photography.  Not Blogher, but that would be really awesome, right?
  • I love being a part Blissfully Domestic | Photo Bliss and writing for it makes me extremely happy and proud!
  • I was featured on Blog Nosh Magazine yesterday.  That was really big as I love reading all the stuff on BNM.  To be featured was just BIG to me.
  • Soon I will have a wildly awesome printer (read: Epson Artisan 800) set up (I’m currently waiting for the-master-of-all-things-technologically-geared to come home to do it) so that I can put together some holiday give-a-ways.
  • My new website, for my photography business, will be up and running soon.  My portfolio keeps growing, growing, and growing.   Early in the new year my hope is to do, at least, two sittings a month.
  • And today, I was extremely honored when a fellow blogger featured me.  Today I am in the Simply Fearless Spotlight!

Ohhh.. I almost forgot!!  I’m also going to be part of a super cool home schooling magazine called AROUND ZINE!   A real, live publication, yo!


Wow. When you start believing that you can do anything, you can!  I’m starting to believe that I can even lose some weight and get back to some better health.   I hate that I am overweight.  I hate that my blood sugar is high.  I hate having to worry about my health.  So instead of worrying, I am reclaiming.  This week I have started walking two to three times a day.  Once davey goes down for walk, I walk a brisk mile, and then after he wakes and has a snack we walk another mile or two, through the ‘hood.  I’ve also eliminated all the “white stuff” from my diet.  It’s hard as h-e-double-hockey-sticks, but I NEED to stick with it.  I believe I can.  After all, for all the *OMGWTFICBINBBBQ stuff that’s been happening, I owe it to Mishi. You know, the healthy, skinny Mishi that I feel like but can’t see just yet:

Memphis, 2004

*OMGWTFICBINBBBQ = Oh My God What The Fuck I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Bar B Que!
I must give credit to Michael for this one!

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12 Responses to “I am Simply Fearless”
  1. 11.21.2008

    Lots of cool things happening! It all sounds very exciting. (wink wink)

    Clicking over to check out your fearlessness…from underneath my rock.

    emily’s last blog post..A Few of My Favorite Things

  2. 11.21.2008

    You are simply amazing.

    Congratulations on all your successes, present and future! I’m about to go on the weight loss journey too. UGH. I can do it. I can do it.

    I know you can! Good luck and hugest hugs ever.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Insane Mommy Bakes and Decorates

  3. You’re amazing, woman. I’m totally rubbin all up on your bad-self in Chicago.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]’s last blog post..Dear Oprah: A Vlog

  4. 11.21.2008

    Congrats on everything! That is so exciting. As for getting you back, you can do it. It is hard but just think of the out come and how much more happier and healthier you’ll be.

    Oh and PS: I so knew what “OMGWTFICBINBBBQ” was. Is that scary or is it because I have a teenager that I can read that crap?

    Lisa’s last blog post..Haiku Friday

  5. 11.21.2008

    Congratulations Superstar! You’re on fire!

    Jamie’s last blog post..Seeing the Light

  6. 11.21.2008

    happy that things are looking good for you! Good luck with the photography business and looking forward to hearing about your super secret writing project!

    Lindy’s last blog post..This and that

  7. 11.21.2008

    I am so proud of you….and happy for you. You are really rockin it. :) I on the other hand….can seem to get anything done. besides sewing…I’ve been sewing. LOL

    Corey’s last blog post..Photostory Friday~ Tweet

  8. 11.21.2008

    Congrats. sounds like you’re going have fun (and to be busy).

    orlund’s last blog post..Friday’s Photo: Bath Time Fun

  9. 11.21.2008

    Do your palms hurt? Mine do. These virtual high fives are wicked, for stinging.

    Zoeyjane’s last blog post..On Being A Ho Ho Ho (er)

  10. 11.21.2008

    I am so proud of you

  11. Wowza! I’m so glad to be a part of the Mishi is Simply Amazing team! You deserve all of the accolades and more. You truly put your heart out there and it makes such a difference.

    Love your body back to optimum health Baby!

    Cassandra {Simply Fearless}’s last blog post..Weekly Winners: Sometimes

  12. 11.24.2008

    Congratulations, a hundred times over, Mishelle, for all of these accomplishments!!! I am confident you will win with the health challenge as well, since you are actually doing something positive about it. Hip-hip-hooray!

    Joyce’s last blog post..For this day’s blessings

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