I Can’t Not Photograph

It’s no secret that photography has become an integral part of my existence. It has allowed me to see and connect to the world in a whole new and extraordinary way.  It has allowed me to rejuvenate the creative fiber that has always been part of my make-up.   For it, I am grateful.

Recently, I had a conversation with a local photographer girlfriend.  We were both talking about how it’s so easy for us to get into the rut of feeling like we are inadequate in our profession.   Fact is, the photography field is saturated.  Maybe over-saturated.   A good camera is accessible to most people these days.   It’s entirely easy to get down when everywhere you turn there is competition breathing down your neck.


Recently I had an epiphany.  Yes, this profession is brimming with talented individuals.   Yes, it’s easy to get down about competitors.  Yes, it’s hard to find your footing.   But, I photograph because I can’t not. I don’t photograph to compete with you.  I photograph because it’s a part of who I am.    It’s a passion, and I do it because when I do it I feel complete.   I’m a photographer because I don’t know how not to be.


I’m in this for the long haul.   I’m going to keep whipping out my camera and putting it your face.     I’m going to help you by teaching you things that I’ve already learned.   I’m going to do all I can to put myself out there for the world to see.   So, be aware,  just after you see me, I’m going to take your picture.

I photograph because I can’t not.

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16 Responses to “I Can’t Not Photograph”
  1. 05.25.2010

    You are an artist. No matter what your business does, you will forever be an artist. You have also inspired at least 2 people that I know of to pursue creating their own versions of the art you create. As an artist, you are an inspiration and could never fail as an artist in our eyes.

  2. 05.25.2010

    WOW! I needed this post. I really needed to ‘hear’ this. Thanks :)

  3. 05.25.2010

    Great post. And a very nice twist on something I have been struggling with. I have several close personal friends who are professional photographers (natural light, family photography)-I keep waffling with throwing my hat into the ring because I LOVE taking pictures. I don’t ever want it to be come a chore, but, I am also to the point where I need better equipment to take better shots and spending 1500 bucks on a lens for “fun”, just don’t cut it!

    Thanks for the other way to look at this whole thing.

  4. 05.25.2010

    Fabulous post!!

  5. 05.25.2010

    I love this post.

  6. 05.25.2010

    You continue to inspire me.

  7. It like you took the words out of my mouth!

  8. 05.26.2010

    i love that you do it just because.

  9. 05.26.2010

    *Big smile* Cheeeese!

  10. 05.26.2010

    I can’t imagine you without a camera in your hands. And I don’t want to.


  12. 05.27.2010

    Your passion inspires me. It’s funny, I’m at the other end of the spectrum, but have the same thoughts. I am hopelessly inexperienced even with my point and shoot, and it seems good photography has become an everyday skill that I don’t have. I’m fine to admire pros like you and not compare myself, my God, but I kind of feel like I’m talking babytalk and everyone else is in at least 6th Grade. But this somehow just inspires me to try to just love the experience, and to let the skills come as I go. I like that.

  13. All truly creative people HAVE to do what they’re passionate about. You guys are lucky to be able to combine something you really enjoy with career.

  14. 06.01.2010

    Well said. You have always been my inspiration.. and continue to do so..

  15. 06.03.2010

    You echoed my thoughts. I know I’m amatuer at best,but I do it because I love it. I don’t care if I ever go pro, I just want to shoot. It’s magical. I love catching moments that will never come again – freezing them in time forever.

  16. 06.04.2010

    I totally get you. ;-)

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