“I knew I wouldn’t forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind…”

Stop! Pretzle Time!
Times Square Cabs Honk A Lot

View from the Penthouse in the London Hotel
Showing his Smart Phone off Metrocouple
Feet and Stars

{See the whole NYC set on Flickr}

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4 Responses to ““I knew I wouldn’t forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind…””
  1. 04.08.2010

    That was like a fabulous preview. Except I wasn’t as well dressed as I am, in daydreams.

  2. 04.08.2010

    Ahhhh…..home. Almost. Shut up, it feels like home when I’m there. I’m from the island, close enough. ;)

  3. gorgeous

  4. 04.09.2010

    Hello, beautiful woman. I’ve come on here to snag a link for crediting you for that scary picture you took of me at Blissdom10. You know, the sultry eyes makeover gone bad. The one in which I transformed into “Aging Goth Mom.” Yeah. That one. It goes well with an angry rant piece I’m doing about the state of supporting living and employment services for people with disAbilities….Dahling, do you want flickr link credit or blog link credit? I will probably run this next week. Maybe. Love to you, you talented thang. & love the pics above.

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