I love my sisters because they touch my heart!

I love my girlfriend, my sister…because in the midst of my panicked phone call that my own family wouldn’t take me in while I contemplated the probable end of my marriage – without hesitation to her own crowded home she invited me and my children in. To love and support…to talk and to veg. To just be.

She is my rock through this.
–Sarah, Redefining Perfect
Winner of the Dress Barn clutch

“Just tell me why you love your girlfriends, your sisters,” I said.

The answers I got where incredibly touching.   Thank you to all for sharing.  And congratulations to Sarah!

In appreciation of my awesome readers, I’m giving away a print from Large Format Posters.com!

Giveaway prize: (1) 18×24 poster print

Eligibility: Limited to US Residents

How to Enter: Tell me what holiday photo* you’d like to print.  Better yet, link me to it!  I’d love to see.

You can tweet about the give-a-way for an extra entry, just make sure you let me know that you did so with a link to your tweet!

The winner of the print will be announced on November 30th, 2009!

*For participating in the give-a-way, I will be getting an 18×24 poster print, too.  When the contest is over I’ll show you which picture I’ll be printing to display in our living room!  I can’t wait.  Oh, but that means I have to get the picture first.  Better get snapping!

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22 Responses to “I love my sisters because they touch my heart!”
  1. Elizabeth

    Congrats to Sarah!

    What great give-a-ways!

    You’ve seen my xmas shots. You know my favorites! So if I win this time, I’ll let YOU pick!

  2. 11.23.2009

    Congratulatsions, Sarah!!! What an awesome sister friend you have there! :)

    Oh, wow, if I could get one of our engagement photos in a poster print like that, I would be SO SO SO ecstatic! I think it would just make me year, it really would.

  3. 11.23.2009

    yay for friends!

    If I won, I would get this winter print of my daughter. It’s one of my favorites.

  4. Congrats Sarah!

    As for me-I have yet to get the photo this year. I am hoping to get a wonderful family picture this weekend-but if I don’t I would love to get this print larger-I love it so

  5. 11.24.2009

    If I won, I’d print “Nobody’s Home” the shot I published in July that’s in the post – http://louceel.blogspot.com/2009/03/100-word-challenge-myself-and-photo.html

  6. 11.24.2009

    Being sister to 4 is one of the biggest joys of my life. Girls, girls, girls!

  7. 11.30.2009

    I love my sister and my sister-in-laws. I’m super fortunate to have gathered wonderful women in my life by chance.

    My best friends are my sisters too. As truly as they would be if we shared the same blood.

  8. 11.30.2009

    I would get this one of me and all the kids last Christmas eve, the same day we brought the new baby home.http://photos2.walmart.com/slideshow/AlbumID=43573287/PictureID=1213104151/a=3862818_3862818/

  9. 11.30.2009

    I love sisters who speak camera.

    I want and need to print this and have it above my NEW! MANTLE! in my NEW! HOUSE! for the holidays. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mooshinindy/3663045868/in/set-72157620574802404/

  10. lisa

    my mom died when my bb sister was just 8. I raised her after that. She is now 29 and she is one of my best friends ever.. It isnt easy to keep a family together when a parent dies but I am glad my sisters and brothers are all still close . My Mom is smiling looking down on us for this. I would get a pic of my sisters and myself with my moms niece who was very close to her done!

  11. 11.30.2009

    If I won I would pick this collage. (You taught me how to make these btw)



  12. 11.30.2009

    Sadly, I have no sisters but I do have a house full of brothers and they are the best guy friends I could ever ask for. I also have an AMAZING BFF who is related to me all but by blood. She is welcoming a new baby girl in February and I would love to pass this little present on to her so she can add a sweet personalized piece of art to her kiddos (my son’s future wife’s) wall. That would rock!

  13. 11.30.2009

    Weirdly enough – I have so few pics of my kids together because YOU TRY PINNING A FOUR AND SEVEN YEAR OLD DOWN ;) {Actually I have some contenders on my facebook….I suppsoe}


    I love this picture of my four year old holding a green apple though. This is my favorite color and I like how this pic came out.

  14. 11.30.2009

    Does it have to be a holiday photo, or can it be a winter photo? Because I took this last year after an ice storm and loved it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/velocibadgergirl/3256751665/in/set-72157613090617622/

  15. Karyn

    If I won I would get Heather’s pic of Maddie printed out for her. Binky should get to look at her beautiful big sister’s face as often as possible.

  16. 11.30.2009


  17. 11.30.2009

    Dude, I would print out this one….


    because my cousins are some of my best friends and this picture will remind my daughter that her cousin Lili is one of her best friends too!

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