I Was At The Door

One of my major regrets, in life, is not pushing myself earlier in the photography world.  There I stood, at the door, and instead of breaking it down to get inside I was softly knocking.  And, of course, when no one answered, I just went home, so-to-speak.

(Why does it take decades to realize what you should have done?)

I’m sure that I could have found ways to start my own business, back then.   Within me was the  knowledge; if only I would have been courageous enough to ask for help in getting started.  If only I could have believed in myself completely.

(Looking back makes me a little angry.  No, no, not “a little” angry—it makes me A LOT angry.)

Ultimately, here I am.  Trying my best to make a name for myself.  Doing what I can to not fail.   Discovering new things about myself and photography, everyday.

This profession is not easy.  The passion for photography, however, is effortless.   And, that is what drives me.  Regrets or not, I’m here because I’m doing what I love.

Photography, like blood, courses through my veins.
Photography, like succulent fruit, nourishes my body.
Photography, like a zen-filled breath, soothes my soul.
I can’t not photograph.

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12 Responses to “I Was At The Door”
  1. 11.09.2010

    Ultimately here you are. This fact is all that matters, I believe you did not push yourself then because you were not truly ready. Everything that has happened in your life until you decided to open that door is exactly what you needed to turn the handle. Never regret what got you where you are today, we love who you are today.

  2. 11.09.2010

    You can, of course, do this. I have no doubts. None at all.

  3. 11.09.2010

    I’m the one still gently knocking.
    And honestly, you’re one of the people who has tempted me do more-
    to at least crack the door and peek in…

    One day, one day soon (I hope), I will burst through that door, too!

    You take beautiful photos,
    but you are an even more beautiful person.

  4. 11.10.2010

    Of course how could you not photograph. These images call to you to bring them to life.

  5. You are amazing and your light shines through the images that you capture.

  6. If anyone can do this, its you.

    Keep knocking until the door falls into the dust!

  7. You may regret not beginning photography as a business sooner. However, the years that you have spent as a mother and a wife and traveling and learning and meeting people have surely brought you a perspective that shows through in your photographs today.

    I think you have come into your own at just the right time. I look forward to seeing even more through your eyes!

  8. 11.11.2010

    I thank you for your thoughtful comment, Patrick.

  9. 11.11.2010

    It’s when others believe in me, that I believe in myself even more. Thank you!

  10. 11.11.2010

    Thank you, Bridget!

  11. 11.11.2010

    I will, Colleen… I promise!

  12. 11.11.2010

    Your comment has me really thinking this morning. Good thoughts. Thank you for leaving it for me to reflect!

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