I Was Called Out: Monday Meme
(A guest post by Michael)

Ok, so I know this is SAM’s blog and I have not submitted anything more than some jackassed comments here and there, but since I was called out…


emphasis is mine


Loyal and generous. (Loyal? yes, if we’re talking about somthing important and near/dear to my heart. Generous? Yes, in random fashion) Sexy. (I don’t think so, but ultimately not my call) Patriotic. (Bigtime. But in a pure, original constitutional way. Seriously, I have stong opinions on patriotism and what it meant, and what is doesn’t mean today. Buy me a few IPAs and we’ll discuss it further) Active in games and interactions. (Not really) Impatient and hasty. (There’s no better time than 10 GOD DAMN MINUTES AGO! C’MON!!) Ambitious. (Sort of, but not terribly motivated) Influential in organizations. (Wait, what?) Fun to be with. (Oh boy, that really depends who you ask) Loves to socialize. (When I’m on, I’m ON. Otherwise, “these people annoy me.”) Loves praises. (Like I care what you think) Loves attention. (See “Loves Praises”) Loves to be loved. (True, don’t we all?) Honest and trustworthy. (Unless I am out to deceive you, and you WILL be deceived if it is my wish) Not pretending. (True, unless I am having fun with your weak mind) Short tempered. (The most spot-on characterization of them all) Changing personality. (Sometimes. See “Not Pretending”) Not egotistic. (True) Take high pride in oneself. (Only in a select few areas) Hates restrictions. (Absolutely!) Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. (Yes! Life isn’t possible without laughter. I’m more into dry, sarcastic humor with a pinch of off-color added) Logical. (So much so that it can be annoying!)

Thanks for reading, and thanks to SAM for letting me post. I’ve considered my own blog, but I haven’t the ambition or ego for it. (December!) Maybe I can audition for an op-ed position with SAM’s blog?

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5 Responses to “I Was Called Out: Monday Meme
(A guest post by Michael)”
  1. 01.21.2008

    Love it! Your additions are spot on, too.

    I think you should have a weekly post here if you’re going to lack the ambition to start your own. :P


  2. 01.22.2008

    I hereby give you permission to audition. You have 30 days to impress me, at which point I will make my final decision as to whether or not you are worthy.

    Good luck.

  3. 01.22.2008

    It is allowable to also have a teency wittle crush on Michael, too? I’m still saving ALL my love for you!

  4. 01.22.2008

    Burgh: He’s so totally cool, you’ll love him!

    Mr Lady: Crush away! At least you aren’t a bad hair dresser that doesn’t know how to cut women’s hair!

  5. 01.25.2008

    Way awesome answers. I was tagged in this meme twice now and the only answers that go through my head are, yes. no. yes. yes. no….

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