I wish I could fold this up into one of those triangles that we used to fold our notes up into, and pass it to you in the hall.


But now we have computers, so triangularly folded notes are so totally passe.  Plus we have Skype and Gmail and Blackberry (well you have Blackberry and I have a shitty EnV2, but I digress.)  I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I wish I knew you way back when [we] folded up pieces of paper that talked about how my crush was wearing Izod today, and–OMG–he so totally brushed up against me when he was reaching for his tray in the lunch line.

Here are some notes I might-could have sent:

Yo A!

Dude, can I borrow that scarf of yours?  The one you wore the other day with that purple sweater.   I promise to give it back and not keep it for an extended period of time; you know, like I kept that one necklace.   I mean, I did give that necklace back….eventually!

Catch you in Creative Writing.




He was seriously checking you out.  I bet he’s going to ask you to the Homecoming Dance!   Which?  Is so totally cool because we can totally double-date.   Maybe we could get dinner at the Olive Garden?  Or Chi-Chi’s?  or Red Lobster?   I don’t care, just somewhere CLASSY!

And if he doesn’t ask you?  You throat punch him and I’ll kick him in the neck.

Oh shit!  Mr. K is on to me.

M-gun OUT!


Dear Anissa,

I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well.  It sucks not to see you, in the hall, between classes.   I’m wearing your scarf EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK. until you return.   Oh and look in the lower left corner of the card that I’ve sent you with this note.   Yes, that signature is from you-know-who.  He was totes concerned for you.  Everyone is!   We are all hoping you beat this thing soon.  We miss your jokes, your stories, your presence.   So, get well soon.  Ok?!



Anissa’s fighting HARD!

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11 Responses to “I wish I could fold this up into one of those triangles that we used to fold our notes up into, and pass it to you in the hall.”
  1. Elizabeth

    Amazing, sweet, touching, beautiful, true!

    I personally have not met Anissa. I have read her blog but never commented. But I know you. And I know the kind of friends you have. Every positive thought and prayer of mine go out to your friend and her family.

    I know that Anissa will love to read this blog post as soon as she is able because I know that I would!

  2. 11.19.2009

    Oh, my gosh, Chi-Chi’s! I’d forgotten about that place — is it still around?

    I think I’ll go out and get a big fat sloppy delicious burrito and eat it for Anissa. She can get her own soon enough.

  3. Absofrigginlutely.

  4. 11.19.2009

    Aww…love this post. Many good thought for Anissa.

  5. 11.19.2009

    This completely made me smile. Gah, i love that picture too.

  6. Incredibly wonderful fantastical post!

  7. 11.19.2009

    yes, yes, and yes! she is going to make it. and many notes will ensue. -Christine

  8. Heather

    Really…made my day.

  9. Al_Pal

    Awww, darling post!!!! xoxo
    & #prayersforAnissa

  10. 11.20.2009

    Prayers for Anissa. Sweet post, Mishi. You are the best.

  11. 11.20.2009

    Nice post, hope the best for Anissa.
    I loved the little pick a color/number thingy that folded out. Know what I mean?

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