If The Walls Could Talk

Always By a Wall

I was hand crafted  in an old man’s wood shop and I’ve been with this family for over thirteen years.  I’ve always stayed next to a wall.  I’ve always heard stories the wall, of any particular house, tells.  The stories have one common thread.  Togetherness.

Day 20

One Minute Writer

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6 Responses to “If The Walls Could Talk”
  1. 01.20.2009

    I adore that first shot… Stunning. :)

  2. 01.20.2009

    I LOVE that very shallow depth of field in the first photo. Wow.

  3. Really? Really. Stop with the awesomeness. My brain might explode.

  4. 01.20.2009

    The photos are so fabulous…and the words….lovely. I look so forward to your posts each day. :)

    oh and the question you asked me the other day on my bloggity blog….I’ll be contacting you. wink wink…

  5. 01.20.2009

    That top shot is just amazing!!! I always say that when I comment but it’s ALWAYS true! It’s perfect!

  6. 01.20.2009

    If that was a poster, I would buy it.

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