I’m a Photographer and this is a Photo Blog

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15 Responses to “I’m a Photographer and this is a Photo Blog”
  1. 05.13.2009

    Beautiful shots as always. I love the focus on the last shot.

  2. 05.13.2009

    Yes you most certainly are. And yes, this most certainly is.

    (I actually published a photo today)

  3. 05.13.2009

    Beautiful macro shots. I really like the second one. Is that a mushroom?

  4. 05.13.2009

    No it’s not! You never post photos! ;)

    Very lovely shots today!

  5. 05.13.2009

    Stunning images, the bokeh is just gorgeous.

    Summer Stock Sunday is starting soon – come check it out!

  6. 05.13.2009

    That last one is amazing.
    And you are indeed a photographer.. a bad ass GREAT one too..

  7. 05.13.2009

    You sure are… that last photo is awesome!
    I really need to get myself a macro lens!

  8. 05.13.2009

    soooo cool

  9. agreed! You totally rock!

  10. why yes you are….and yes it is. WOWZA! me likey!
    have a great day.

  11. 05.13.2009

    I especially like the mushroom. Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

  12. 05.13.2009

    I can never come up with a flattering enough response to tell you how gorgeous your photos are.

  13. 05.13.2009

    Gorgeous pix. That first shot of the pink flower is amazing.

  14. I’m almost certain that you could take pictures of anything and make it look gorgeous. even scrotums. Well, maybe not scrotums, but you get my point.

  15. 05.15.2009


    bloghopper revival rocks!

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