In Honor of Earth Day

Paying for Breakfast

I met these two “kids” yesterday.  (Oh no, I’ve become one of these people who calls younger people kids.  Next thing you know I’ll be dishing out sayings like In My Day…. or When I Was a Youngin’…) Anyway, yesterday I met this young couple setting off on the adventure of a lifetime; they were getting ready to embark on the Appalachain Trail.

I was sitting with a new friend, having a great conversation about the benefits of a plant-based diet, when in they walked.  I immediately noticed their knives and canteens, and I told my friend that I just had to take their picture.  I waited, as not to interupt their breakfast, but after a little while the girl got up and walked past us.  My camera was out and ready to go and when I saw her coming back I intersected her.

“I know this is a little wierd,” I stated, “but I’d love to take your picture to put on my blog.  Is that cool with you?”

“Of course,” she obliged.

Where She Will Be

Pure Beauty

I was absolutely captivated by the beauty of this girl.  Her smile radiated and her eyes were deep.

We then walked over to the table where they were sitting.  We talked for a few minutes about my being a blogger with a little photography addiction, and then I took another picture:

Enjoyment 4/21

Her counterpart was equally captivating.  I wanted to study his tattoos more, but I thought it might be rude to be all “show me, show me, show me!”

We talked for a bit and I found that the woman with them, Patty, was the girl’s mother and that she was dropping them off.   Our minutes together were short, but I feel a connection was made.  Whenever something like this happens you just feel it.  And a wonderful feeling it is.

Take good care of yourself and your family.  You seem like the kind of person I’d love to drink a beer and hang out with, so I’m glad you speak out in your blog.  I feel like we found a new friend today.

That’s from an email I received, from Patty, last night.

I replied:

It is my firm belief that, in life, we are put in contact with certain people for a certain reason.  We may not understand it always, but there are just people that you seem to instantly like and adhere.  You three were those types for me today. Instant attraction. Instant kinship.  It’s a little crazy, but I think it’s what keeps this big circle of life going.

Maddie and Vinnie

That all being said, I am so glad that we were put in each others’ paths yesterday. I look forward to hearing about Maddie and Vinnie and their grand adventure. Mostly, though, I look forward to these new friendships.

On this Earth Day we need not only talk of  preserving the earth, but the bonds we form while on this earth.  Without each other and love, our earth would be nothing.

Stealing a Kiss

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31 Responses to “In Honor of Earth Day”
  1. 04.22.2009

    What a great couple! Awesome shots, as always, girl. :)

  2. What a wonderful post. I love when you just ‘click’ with someone.

    Thanks for sharing them with us. I look forward to hearing how Maddie & Vinnie are doing on their trip.

  3. 04.22.2009

    The best Earth Day post I’ve read all day. Love it! What a fun couple. She is just beautiful! Yay for friendships of all kinds, too.

  4. 04.22.2009

    It’s great that you saw something intriguing in these two where someone else would have dismissed them as ‘strange.’ That says volumes about how right your heart and your head are. Nicely done! This makes me want to be a more giving person too.

  5. YOU, my dear, are AWESOME in every way. I totally agree….BEST earth day post yet.

  6. Patty Dailey

    Mishelle, you have deeply honored us. I am so grateful for this tribute to Maddie and Vinnie, and for the sense of “sending forth” that it gives me. They are planting much more than they even dreamed of. I look forward to sharing with you as I hear from them “on the trail”, which I hope is WEEKLY! By the way, Tara hit it straight on. Thank you for seeing their beauty.

  7. Jason Dailey

    hey, i’m madeline’s big brother. i just wanted to take the time to thank you for this wonderful posting. i couldn’t agree more about the radiance my sister has, both inward amd outwards. Madeline has always been my best friend, the one i always could talk to. she always sees the goodness in everything she encounters and spreads that where ever she goes. this will be the longest period of time in which we won’t see each other. i wish her the best and most safe journey on one of her many adventures in life.

  8. 04.22.2009

    Love the pix. Love the couple and ADORE the idea of The Trail. My husband and I used to dream of doing the trail … we haven’t talked much about it lately. Sad. Things that seem so important and pressing fade away as we age. My mom used to tell me “If you want to do something, do it NOW. When you get older, your priorities (and bodies) change. You might not ever do it you don’t do it now.”

    I get what she was saying now.

  9. Cathy Miller

    Just beautiful! Thanks!

  10. 04.22.2009

    Gorgeous shots, and this is a whole other aspect of Earth Day, after all, we are also of the Earth aren’t we? What a lovely couple of “kids” … heh.
    Your words and photos are spectacular, as usual, Mishelle :)

  11. 04.22.2009

    AWESOME pictures and so great that you were able to just “connect” with “strangers”.

  12. 04.22.2009

    Awesome photos and amazing post. You’re good people, ya know?

  13. j bishop

    Yeah, you kinda get that feeling when you’re around the daileys! They are like my second family.

  14. Angel

    This was beautiful… Patty told me a couple of weeks ago that Maddie and her boyfriend would be heading out soon. Since I have known the Daileys they have always encouraged their children to be themselves and follow their dreams. May God and all the Angels watch over Maddie and Vinnie and keep them safe on the journey of a lifetime….. Thanks for sharing this it has made my day…..

  15. 04.22.2009

    This is absolutely lovely . . . Mishi, I could picture you traveling the world, taking pictures, building these relationships . . . a living portfolio, photos of life and living.

    Amazing, really . . .

  16. 04.23.2009

    Quite beautiful.

  17. charlene

    I was there the day Maddie was born.Watched her grown from a child to this beautiful young woman.What a story she will have to share with her family,her own children and grandchildren one day.An inspiration to go out and do what she dreams and desires.You truly captured who she has become.
    Every path he guides us on is fragrant with his loving kindness.
    Psalm 25:10

  18. 04.23.2009

    Fabulous post…I love the first image :)

  19. Greg

    Maddie~ The pics are great, and you have blossomed into a beautiful young lady! Brad and I reminisce about the Canada trips and the fun we all had up there quite often. Love from your extended TN family!

  20. Scott L.

    she sure has come a long way since those days when every time i saw her, she would grab hold of my leg like a leech and not let go as i dragged her across the floor :)

    you are truly special maddie….best wishes for a safe and exciting adventure!!

  21. Jimbo Ritt

    Thank you for capturing Maddie – her radiance, her spirit, her blessedness – a deep stream kissed by the sweetness of a family who knows what love is about. May we all know such a beauty – thanks for sharing it with all of us. Namaste.

  22. 04.23.2009

    She is beautiful! Love her smile! I had tears in my eyes reading this.

  23. 04.24.2009

    I’ve read about 200 posts tonight, and this was my favourite. And I think I’ll hold onto it for a little while, too. I feel the same way. Sometimes, our path veers toward someone(s) for a reason.

  24. 04.24.2009

    I absolutely love this! That first photo is just perfect. What a lovely couple!

  25. Becky

    Maddie & Vinnie ~

    Absolutely Awesome pics! Good Luck and have fun on your journey. I will keep you both in prayer. I guess I’ll get in this Dailey family legally one way or another…(Nathan (aka “Vinnie”) is my cousin)! It was great to see you again Nathan!
    Love you both.

  26. Carol Harrison

    Yes to all the above. Maddie radiates what her entire family embodies. I,too, am one who has adopted them, after marrying one of her older brothers (i.e., I was the minister, not the bride!).

    I just returned after a very long weekend out-of-town and feel renewed by opening this! Ironically, I had been reminiscing about past times with the Daileys as I drove 5 hours on Earth Day. The Appalachian Trail continues to be a dream of mine. Perhaps we should all gather there for Earth Day next year. I can’t imagine enjoying following in someone’s footsteps more than these two.


  27. 04.30.2009

    LOVED this! Great beauty. Thanks.

  28. Mary (Vinnie's Mom)

    Thank you Mishelle for sharing your time with My Son and Maddie. They are truly remarkable people.
    Live simple and Love much.
    May God direct our steps and fill our hearts with His Spirit.

  29. Cherie

    Wow. Mishelle you are awesome. All these posts are amazing. I have tears in my eyes. What a great Blog and a wonderful way to touch many hearts. You are truly blessed.

  30. Mary Elizabeth (Vinnies Little Sister)

    Thank you for the time you’ve spent with them. They are truley amazing people, and Maddie is darling. I felt connected with her the first time I met her, and she’s the closest thing to a big sister i’ll ever have. =)
    Vinnie is truley unique, he impacted my life when we were growing up, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. I love the both of them very much, and look forward to reuniting with them this fall.
    Thank you Mishelle for the time spent with them, and your wonderful pictures.
    Good luck in all you do.

  31. Sam

    I finally got to check out this web. Great pictures and blog!!!!!!! I’m sure their having the time of their life. Thanks for sharing with us.

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