Indecisiveness at its Finest

Eggs or *legs?
I couldn’t decide,
Which to use
For my 365.



*Apologies to the G.I. Joe who has been laying around, in various postures and predicaments, naked on our floor.  Not only is he naked, but his nose is kind of ripped off.

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8 Responses to “Indecisiveness at its Finest”
  1. 02.22.2009

    the legs… go the legs

  2. 02.22.2009

    Poor Joe, naked without a Barbie in sight – I vote for the legs!

  3. 02.22.2009

    Hot GI Joe legs, of course! ;)

  4. 02.22.2009

    those legs are hilarious! i choose legs!!

  5. 02.23.2009

    I vote for legs too.

  6. Do we have to choose? Can’t I just chuckle and enjoy the GI Joe that looks so much like ours?

  7. 02.23.2009

    OH LOL! Love the last photo to bits.

  8. 02.24.2009

    Haha – love the little feet!

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