It’s For Your Own Good

David’s new thing is climbing on the outside of the banister. The other day he got scolded for it, by his Papa, and proceeded to stand in the position seen on the top right for a solid five minutes.   If I scold him he laughs; I see how this is going to go.

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8 Responses to “It’s For Your Own Good”
  1. Jana

    I’m so cracking up Mishi…only because I TOO, get laughed at when I “attempt” to scold Evan..while Steve gets that very same solid, pouting stance that Davey displays with perfection. Love these photos!

  2. 04.25.2009

    Pretty much works the same way in my house too. That picture just makes you want to hug him.

  3. 04.25.2009

    That pouty picture is just plain precious. My 2yo does the same slumped-shoulder-hung-head thing…it kills me! I don’t get laughed at- I get ignored. But my hubs is louder than I am.

  4. 04.25.2009

    That is so sweet! My toddler just takes off and goes about his business but Daddy oh my goodness…complete broken heart.

  5. My daughter did that on a high staircase when she was little. We spent all night in the ER, the night before Easter, after a fall. I honestly think she broke her nose and no one caught it; it still looks funny to me.

  6. 04.29.2009

    Your pictures are amazing…

  7. 05.02.2009

    my son has been doing that for a couple of years now!! it drives me crazy!!!

  8. 05.05.2009

    It tears at you, doesn’t it? I find myself repeating “don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh” over and over again when attempting to discipline Finn Henry.

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