I’ve Forgotten How to Blog

It’s been so long.  So long.  And, I think I may have even broken my blogging bone.  I’ll give it a whirl, though….
Life.  It’s been extremely busy.  It’s also changed so much this past year.  And, it’s changed for the better.  No, dare I say, changed for the best.
My job is going super well.  I love what I do and I’m pretty damn good at it.  My co-workers are all astounding women, and I am proud to call them my friends.
The gym, even though it’s been hit or miss the past month with all the sickies floating around, has been an amazing influence in my life.  I’ve not only improved my body, my strength, and my stamina, I’ve made more friends; it’s been a wonderful blessing.
My online, social media, life has shifted, too.  These days I’m all over Instagram (@secretagentmama – find me!), and my true socmed love is Facebook.  I love that there are so many different people from my life congregated in one place.  My family (parents, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins), my childhood friends, people I’ve known all my life, old high school chums, social media friends, co-workers, and so many more are all there for me to interact with and share the stories of our lives.   I also love the new time-line, but that’s just me, I’m a sucker for a nice cover photo!
Mine Craft Strawberry Cake and Grass Block Brownies
The biggest thing that happened in the past month is we now have (not one, but) TWO teenagers in the house.   Mikey turned 14 and Livey turned 13.   Mikey had a buddy spend the weekend with us, and it culminated in a Minecraft cake extravaganza.  Olivia had a special couple days out with me.  She got a feather in her hair, we went out to lunch a couple times, and we went girl-time shopping.  In a couple weeks she’ll be having all of her closest girlfriends over for a Just Dance Wii Party, complete with pizza and pop and chips and dips!  Invitations are going out tomorrow.
There are a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about, and I have vowed to come back and start telling stories again.   It’s important, and I really do miss it.  I’ve actually been scared to open up this blog again.  I think that silence can do that to a blogger.  We grow silent and it perpetuates, and after a while it’s just not important anymore.   That doesn’t sit well with me, though, because I love to share.  I’m a self-proclaimed over-sharer.  I need it.  I crave it.  I must do it.
So, starting tonight I am going to take the plunge.  I’m going to over-share and I’m going to like it.  *You might, too.
*Three out of four of my biggest blog fans are pictured above.  Someday it’ll be four out of four, but the littlest of my fans is only just learning how to read.



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14 Responses to “I’ve Forgotten How to Blog”
  1. 04.15.2012

    It’s good to see you back, I’ve missed your stories and your wonderful photos. I can’t believe you already have two teens.

  2. 04.15.2012

    Too funny. I decided to dive back in tonight as well. Looking forward to hearing you! Muah!

  3. Han

    Would you believe I forgot too? In the back of my brain I’ve been struggling with whether or not Marge should start writing again. A number of people have been nudging me. You are so right that telling stories is so important and we all need to be doing it, regardless of who is reading.
    I’m glad to have you back. And now I need to learn to read again. This is the first blog post I’ve read in a really long time. I don’t even remember how to access my reader.
    You know I’ll be around and if you write it, I will read it. Mwah!

  4. 04.16.2012

    You’re back! I love that you’re back!! I mean, I love catching you on FB and Instagram but it’s great to hear your stories and read your wonderful words. Looking forward to catching up with you Mishelle!!

  5. Cassandra

    Yes! You’re back! :-)

  6. So happy to see a little (1) next to your name in my google reader :) Love seeing snippets of life through your lens & looking forward to more

  7. 04.19.2012

    Yay glad to see you blogging again. How bad am I? I didnt’ even realise you were working now!!

  8. 04.20.2012

    I know, Tara! When did that happen? Weren’t they like in single digits during Cre8Buzz days?

  9. 04.20.2012

    I love your words and stories!! Can’t wait to photowalk with you in Buffalo this summer. You didn’t know we were photowalking? Oh yeah, now you know!

  10. 04.20.2012

    I have always appreciated your encouragement and love! XO

  11. 04.20.2012

    Thanks, Melissa!! I appreciate you!!

  12. 04.20.2012

    Your message on FB had a little something to do with it. Know that!

  13. 04.20.2012

    Thanks Stacy!! XO

  14. 04.20.2012

    I know, Jenty, it’s so easy to miss these things. XO

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