Jump for Joy, Jump for Joy

Day 25: And the Teletubbies Jumped for Joy

Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play.
—Teletubbies, 1997

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5 Responses to “Jump for Joy, Jump for Joy”
  1. 01.25.2009

    Fun, fun, fun! My kids have been begging for a trampoline forever…I need to close this window before they see it! ;)

  2. 01.25.2009

    Absolutely love the saying you used with the photo, LOL!

  3. Heh – damn teletubbies just won’t DIE! ;-)

    Love the way you tweaked the contrast on this one!

  4. 01.27.2009

    love the quote with the pic!

  5. 06.24.2009


    More info please :)

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