Lane Kids: Attempt One

This year I’m starting early.  Why?  Well, because it takes me about a million and forty seven* attempts to get the “it” picture of all four of my kids.   For years I’ve said that I can get anyone else’s kids to look and smile, but when it comes to my own….forget about it!

Yesterday while the kids were playing outside–on the most beautiful of beautiful fall days—I thought to myself, “Self, if this picture comes out on the first attempt, you’ve come a long way, and maybe, just maybe, your Christmas cards will actually go out a couple weeks BEFORE Christmas .”

I didn’t care about the army shirt that Mikey’s wearing (one of three of the same type that I did, in fact, hide in the back of his closet.)  I didn’t care about the Hebrew National shirt that Benjamin wears so much that people probably think that they poor thing only has that one stinking shirt.  I didn’t care that Livey’s hair was not brushed, and I certainly didn’t care that David was still in his pajamas**.

I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome to send a down-to-earth type of photo of the kids?

I’ll be chronicling my attempts again,  just like last year and the year before.  I know that perfect shot is right around the corner.  Stay tuned…

*where a million and forty seven equals three
**I have an INABILITY to spell correctly in Photoshop. Deal.

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5 Responses to “Lane Kids: Attempt One”
  1. I love it, though. It’s adorable! :)

  2. 10.15.2010

    What a great shot! Adorable for sure! Makes me wish I had four instead of two! ;)

  3. Cute picture!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 10.16.2010

    This is a wonderful photo! So full of fun and life.

  5. Ha! :) I think it’s lovely.

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