Let it snow, yo!

Day 8 | Let it Snow

There’s something to be said for being born and raised in a place like Buffalo.  The winters are long and relentless. Or so it seems.  I never realized it before, but I actually kind of like it. 

With kids, though, it can be a lot of work. Years ago, when ‘ze bigs’ were ‘ze littles’, I remember coming to my parents’ house in Orchard Park from our house in Cheektowaga.  I’d pack up all our essentials, get everyone bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story, and we’d pile into our old, boxy, green minivan.   I never batted an eyelash at the 20 minute drive on I-90, even if it was snowing or if there as a chance of snow or ice.  That’s because as Buffalonians we are prepared from a ripe age.  We know how to drive in inclement weather.  We pull up our boots, pull on our hats and gloves, take up our scrapers, and we always remember to turn into the spin and pump the brakes!

Peace, yo!

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8 Responses to “Let it snow, yo!”
  1. 01.08.2010

    Finally! Someone who knows how to drive in snow! You rawk!

  2. 01.09.2010

    Love the first shot! I’m not like that…. the snow would scare me like crazy!!

  3. Having never been in snow like that, I’d freak the FUCK OUT having to drive. Better you than me. Though it is flat-out gorgeous.

  4. 01.09.2010

    WOW, love the first photo! Cool!

  5. 01.10.2010

    having lived in the mountains of colorado and now in chicago..i drive like a soldier;-)

  6. 01.10.2010

    LOL! You’d be in good company here in the Atlanta area… There were thousands freaking the fuck out last week when it snowed.

  7. 01.11.2010

    I love snow when I don’t have to drive in it or shovel it or deal with it. I mean, I learned how to drive in it, but the car I’ve had for the past many years is a summertime kind of car that does not do snow. Or rain. That was fun in Oregon. Love your pictures and getting to see snow while hanging out under a blanket. :)

  8. 01.11.2010

    I love the photo of the barn, that’s gorgeous. (Not that the other photo isn’t!)

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