We found it.

We finally found it.

We’d gone looking for it the Sunday before, to no avail.

This Sunday, though, Michael figured out which direction we could go, and lo and behold we found it.

And, what fun was had.

The kids got wet, and dirty, and tired.

Davey and I had an intense game of splish-splash.

Michael rolled his jeans up and got his feet wet, too.

* * * * *

WOO TOO Little Swimmers

In the last two weeks, we’ve been here eleven times.

Pack the bags, grab the snacks, fill the water bottles with ice.

It’s loud there and I often go into sensory overload.

Until I glide into the water with Davey.

The kids do their thing.

They find their friends.

They jump into ten feet deep.

It’s our summer time hang-out.

* * * * *

Broke Down Ford

Late in the afternoon, yesterday, I missed a call while I was bathing the chlorine off David.

It was Michael, and his truck wouldn’t start.

He said he wanted to let it sit for an hour or two; then he’d try to start it again.

I began cooking dinner.

Of course that’s when he called to tell us to come and get him.

We drove out to the forest, and there he was all sweaty and tired.

Today we returned so he could tinker with tools, to see if it would start.

Apparently, the old Ford likes it in the woods.

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4 Responses to “{life}”
  1. 06.15.2010

    What great photos, as usual…

    Don’t you just love summertime fun in the pool?

  2. 06.15.2010

    Great shots! (We don’t have a local pool – don’t you feel sorry for me?)

  3. 06.16.2010

    What a beautiful place. I can see why you want to keep visiting.

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