Like Sand Through the Hourglass…

…so are the days of our lives!

Week in the Life {January} Day 2

Right now, as I type this, I am looking out the back window to see The Bigs jumping and playing on the trampoline.  Davey is playing with trains, munching a piece of cheese and drinking from a sippy cup that Auntie Angie sent him him because she knows that sippy cups are the bane of my existance.  The sippy has a top that closes and every so often he closes it and says, “Mama. Milk. Miiiiiiiiiilk!”

Today we took a break around lunch and headed to the bank and the gas station.  Afterwards it was back home to wrap up lessons.   The days are littered with sayings like ‘pay attention’, ‘finish your work’, ‘you know that fact’, but in the end it all works out and the kids head out the door to play some game they made up.    That right there makes home schooling worth it.  That right there is what reinforces the decision we made many moons ago.

The kitchen is clean, only to be dirtied up again; the whole cycle will start over.  The days really are like sand.  They easily slip through our hands.

vitamins swallowed,
cereal munched,
doodles doodled,
numbers crunched,
e-mail replied to,
history learned,
hours to few,
week in the life: day number two

Day 27:  Fancy H2O

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13 Responses to “Like Sand Through the Hourglass…”
  1. 01.27.2009

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m learning photography AND how to homeschool. This is my new favorite blog!

  2. It’s always nice to have a hot Aunt to send good stuffs. You’re welcome!

  3. 01.27.2009

    Seriously, I don’t have sisters. Surrogate Aunties is all I gots!

  4. 01.27.2009

    You make the ordinary sound romantic and livable. Thumbs up to you for what you do.

  5. 01.27.2009

    Great post! I say those things myself as my kids do their work. I love your photos!

  6. 01.28.2009

    you have lots of great photos! :) am just learning… :)

  7. 01.28.2009

    wow, you homeschool as well as take fabulous pics. very cool.

  8. 01.28.2009

    I am new to your site – I really love your pictures. I’m completely jealous of the way you can take a picture of something mundane and ordinary and make it beautiful. You have a wonderful talent and I’m glad you are sharing it for all to see. On a side note, MAN you have some clean floors haha…..

  9. 01.28.2009

    Hera: I will need to disprove that with a shot of a cricket that I took. Because if I don’t disprove it Michael will call me out! LOL

  10. 01.28.2009

    Just found your blog and love it ~ as a photographer and artist myself I really appreciate your eye for detail and design – well done you~

  11. Why do they go and grow up on us? It doesn’t seem fair.

  12. 01.28.2009

    YOU are just about the most creative lady I know. :)

  13. Love this week in the life – I’d try it myself but that’d be another thing I couldn’t keep up with. Maybe just a day…

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