Living; Day By Day

This is where I stand:  I’m a mother.  I’m a photographer.  I’m a blogger/writer.  I’m a Family Support Liaison {I like that one of my titles includes the word “liaison”—it’s so French.}

Mix all these things together and oftentimes it’s hard to catch a moment to concentrate on myself:  How I care for myself.  How I address my needs.  How I tend my dreams.

There’s so much more I should be doing:  I should practice Yoga daily.  I should just exercise daily, in general.  I should eat better and lose weight.
I should be more patient.  I should focus in my business direction.  I should figure out how to use this blog more, these days, because lately it seems like it’s asleep.

My heart tells me that it wants to do things.   And, I’m still just trying to figure out how to let myself fall into the center of my longing.

Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. – Frederick Buechner



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6 Responses to “Living; Day By Day”
  1. 10.03.2011

    Beautiful photographs! I love black and whites.

    I think it’s the coming of Fall in some ways that makes us all feel restless, like we should be doing more. I’ve been rethinking my direction a lot lately. It’s scary to take the dive into something new and more scary when it’s something you’ve been longing for because what if you fail?

    At least that’s my worry. :)

  2. 10.03.2011

    Oh yes, failure….definitely the worry that holds so many back from falling into the center of [your] longing.

  3. 10.04.2011

    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  4. 10.04.2011

    Great pics, love your view of life. :)

  5. I love the shot of the boys’ elbows on the table!

    I hope you find a better sense of balance so that you can do those things you dream of doing!

  6. 10.04.2011

    As moms it’s hard to focus on ourselves. When we add in all of the other things we do, look out. I hope that you find a way to find inner peace and balance. When you do, let me know how, k?

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