Making Healthy Choices

I often say to the children, “The choices you make determine the quality of your life.” It’s an easy reminder to do the right thing—not only behaviorally—but in every aspect of life.  This is especially true when it comes to being healthy.   In the age of convenience and fast foods and video games it’s easy for kids to succumb to poor choices.   With guidance and leading by example, however, I strive to instill within [them] the power to make healthy choices on a daily basis.

We Like To Move It, Move It!

On a daily basis it is imperative that we get up and move. We bike, hike, swim, jump, run, and just play as part of our family’s “Be Active” regiment. It’s super important that we get out, as much as possible, and sweat. Getting our heart rate up and sweating is pertinent to our health, and is a good gauge of the activities that we partake in.

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Wholly Eating!

Truth be told:  We love food! We love the way it nourishes our bodies, but we really love the way it tastes.  Food. . .is good!  It’s even better when it’s whole and healthy and prepared properly.  In our house we have good snacks, and fruits and veggies are a must.   We have our splurges, too.  You know, the ones that start with a ‘p’ and end with an ‘izza’.    For the most part, though, all of our meals are prepared at home with whole ingredients.  I used to not be a cook, but since I embraced cooking it has become easier to be more healthful.

On days where we are so busy that I can’t seem to catch a breath, I will pull out one of my favorite Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers meals from the freezer.   At least I know that I am getting the right proportion of something that is already prepared, that hasn’t been compromised in said preparation.    Healthy Choice offers over fifty varieties of meals that have less than 400 calories that provide beneficial nutrients (such as, whole grains, fiber, protein, and antioxidants).

Not only that, the FDA holds brands with “healthy” to a higher nutritional standard.   Each meal must be low in fat (saturated fat, as well), controlled in the amount of sodium and cholesterol it has, and must supply at least ten percent of the daily value for nutrients, for a minimum of three, such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and protein.

Another plus is that I can read all the ingredients on the box.  An even bigger plus is that it TASTES awesome.   That being said, I have to hide them in our freezer otherwise one of the kids will steal it and gobble it up.

Let’s Be Healthy: Physically and Emotionally!

It’s so easy to get the wrong message from society.  So, when I saw this simple message, on Pinterest, the other day it really made me feel good about myself and the choices I make.

Sure, I want to fit into smaller jeans, and look killer in my bathing suit this summer, but, more importantly I want to be healthy.

I want my whole family to be healthy, both physically and emotionally.  To do so we will continually strive to move and sweat daily, eat whole foods, and take care of ourselves–mind, body, and soul.

[This Healthy Choice campaign is sponsored by The MotherHood.   I was compensated for reviewing Healthy Choice {meals} and writing a post about my family’s healthy choices.  The sentiments and feelings expressed are fully my own and genuine!]

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4 Responses to “Making Healthy Choices”
  1. 05.09.2011

    Just FANTASTIC Mishelle!

  2. 05.09.2011

    My daughter and I had a conversation about healthy food just this morning. She’s going to help me clear out our pantry and frig, stocking them instead with healthier choices. We have big plans for the summer too.

  3. Heathersaurus

    I adore that you and your family are so active! When I think about taking my little one out and doing something, I always think of you guys. How you’re always going to the park, or riding a bike, taking a stroll up to the Indian Seats, walking around the track, jumping like fools in the rain! You guys amaze me and I’m so glad that you’re instilling these great behaviors in your children! I hope to be like you when I grow up! :)

  4. 05.11.2011

    I’m so glad we are friends!!

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