Meet Amy & Amber

Meet Amy

Amy on the streets of Chi-town

“I’m sorry,” I said in response to Amy telling us that she was in the process of getting a divorce.

You say that, right? You say your sorry when something ends, whether it be a life, a marriage, an agreement, a whatever.  What if it’s not ending, though?  What if it’s just beginning?

I listened to Amy tell Lotus about what was going on, interjecting a little bit here and a little bit there.  Mostly I just listened.  She sounded so confident that this was the best thing for everyone involved.   She sounded reborn and hopeful. I hung on her every word.

You say your sorry, it’s the polite thing to say, but after the initial blurt I didn’t feel sorry for my new friend anymore.

We had many moments of togetherness in our room.   I warned everyone that I might snore and one night Amy said she had to sleep with her iPod on.  I’m sorry for that.  In my defense, I had drank a lot and smoked a lot and those things amplify the snoring.   Oh, who am I kidding; I snore.

Amy is aptly @fruitlady on Twitter.  She’s a peach. She’s sweet.  She’s juicy.  She’s gorgeous. She’s perfectly imperfect (just like the rest of us.)  She’s definitely someone you want to keep in your bowl of fruits!   I mean, come on, she put snacks out on the desk for us.  Those yogurt covered raisins were the best!

Here’s to Amy as she embarks on a new phase in her life.   I wish her every single success in all that she encounters, in all her Inherent Passions.

* * * * * * *

Meet Amber

Amber pictured on the left with the ever-lovely Sarah who is so sweet and delightful, it hurts!  I do have to say, too, that Sarah can talk me out of an anxiety attack any day.
Now that’s a good person to know!

The first thing I noticed about Amber was her smile.  It lights up her whole face.  She smiles, you smile.  I guarantee.

I got a text from her asking if she could meet me to get into the room.  I texted her back that I was in the room, and to just come on up.  I answered the door and there she was with her big smile and her gorgeous, golden, curly locks.   Instantly I knew that I’d like her.

Soon after she arrived she ordered room service.  She got her delicious looking and smelling chicken sandwich with fries, a little while later, and climbed under the covers and ate with the tray atop.   I’m kind of strange in that I love to watch people eat.  Amber made every bite look heavenly.  Like, I could see the gratefulness of life in each and every bite.  Yes,  Amber would be someone that I would grow to love.

Of course I snored for Amber, too.  I think she actually called out to me to roll over.  That was the night that it was just the two of us sleeping in the room.  When we woke up in the morning I remember having sweet morning conversations before getting ready to head out.   It’s those times that are formative in new relationships;  I’m so glad that I had the opportunity.

I learned that Amber is a travel blogger. I learned that her husband, Jamie, recently lost his great pumpkin, Charlie Brown, to very inclement weather.   I learned that she’s into doing stuff like a 5K rollerblade.  I learned that Amber is a Mile High Mama.   I learned that she’s Mormon and I told her that I wanted to be adopted by a Mormon family because they are just the happiest bunch of families I’ve ever seen.   And I think she said she would do it if it wasn’t for the snoring thing.

I don’t know how it happened, but I was lucky enough to have not ONE, not TWO, but THREE awesome roomies at BlogHer. Thanks for the great moments in Room 2346!


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8 Responses to “Meet Amy & Amber”
  1. I didn’t get to meet Amber, but I met Amy, and she’s one hot-t-t mama.

    And you, Mishi, are a fabulous talker-downer-of-anxiety-attacks.

  2. 08.13.2009

    Not of my own. Heh. :)

  3. You were, are and will always be a hoot. Seriously! Some of my favorite BlogHer memories were just kicking back with you in the room. I laughed about your description of my food worship. Then again, it was some of the best chicken pesto I’ve had in a while. :)

  4. 08.14.2009

    Mishi, Thanks for the love girl. I think I deserve it. I’ve got some demons. I’m working through them. I am not innocent in my situation. Far from it. But I know I am moving forward and I feel strong in my community near and at large. I have more stories to tell. Someday. And I hope to tell them to you.

  5. 08.14.2009

    Amy, I will be here to listen to the stories. Any Day!

  6. 08.15.2009

    Mishi (can I call you Mishi?) You are one of those people whom I look forward to hugging at Type A Mom Conference! You are so real and beautiful and talented!

  7. 08.15.2009

    Sarah, my friends call me Mishi….so, indeed, you can call me that!! xxo

  8. 08.15.2009

    Wow! Sounds like you bunked with the right people for the most awesome experience!

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