Meet Chris Mann

Meet Chris Mann

Chris making his way to the Room 704 party at BlogHer.

Back before Blissdom09 I got an instant message from my friend, Allison Worthington.  She was so excited that she had to share some news.  That was when I first heard of Chris Mann.  He was going to be at Blissdom, singing for the attendees. Within a New York minute I was at his MySpace page, listening to his tracks and looking at his pictures.  I was INSTANTLY hooked and requested to be his friend.  I even messaged him telling him that I was going to be the photographer at the conference and that I couldn’t wait to meet him.   Ever the gentleman he accepted my friend request and messaged me back saying that he couldn’t wait to meet me.  Thus began our relationship.   Then we took it to Twitter, but the secret was out; I had to share him with countless other Chris-crazed, Mann-happy bloggers.  No worries, though, because Chris knows I’m the O.G.

When I met him at Blissdom, I knew he was going to be big.   Charisma oozed out of his pores.  Just standing around him made me giddy as he’s just got this aura around him.   Sure, he’s drop-dead gorgeous.  Sure, he can carry a tune.  Sure, he is funny, smart, and cool.   More importantly, he’s authentic.  He’s genuine.  He’s solid.   If you aren’t familiar with him.  You will be.  Mark my words, Chris Mann is here to stay and he’s going to soar to the top of the charts.  The way you can tell a true musician is by their live performances.  I’ve seen him sing live a few times now, and every. single. time. I am completely blown away by his voice and ability.

He sang at a few of the parties at Blogher, in Chicago.  The first one that I saw him at was the Soxial Luxe Lounge.  He was singing (ever so sweetly the way he does) and I was snapping pictures of him.  He saw me and mid-song said, “Hi Mishelle.”

I swooned or blushed or both?
Chris you are the Mann!

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6 Responses to “Meet Chris Mann”
  1. 08.07.2009

    We share our adoration for adorable guys who make music. I love that about you. Mwah.

  2. He’s cute, alright.

    (I don’t wanna freak him out w/ my lustful actions, so I’ll keep it at that.)

  3. 08.07.2009

    I really like him. He is a genuinely good guy and an excellent singer. I carried the bottom of his stool when it fell off as he was headed to the last party Thursday night.

  4. 08.07.2009

    Total MannFan. Following him since Blissdom, he IS so genuine. I hope he can make Blissdom’10!

  5. 08.08.2009

    Oh he’s hot! Thanks for the intro.

  6. 08.08.2009

    freakin hell. how is one dude so allowed to be cute?

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