Meet Lou

Lou and Loralee

Lou with Loralee on Thursday morning at the West Egg in Chicago

He promised a big huge hug upon meeting me, and–whoa–did he deliver.

Lou (or lceel as he signs his posts) has always been one of my most faithful readers and commenters.  There have been days when his comments really did me a lot of good.  He’s the real deal, too.  He doesn’t say nice things to blow smoke up the proverbial ass; he means every word he says.  And when you need someone to listen he’s there.

When I told Lou that I’d be coming into the Windy City, on a jet plane, for BlogHer he offered to pick me up.  The offer was not just for me, though.  He was there to help out all of his blogging family (his harem as his sweet wife, Annie, referred to us).  Who knows how many times he went back-and-forth to the airport(s)?  What I do know is that he wanted to and didn’t mind one bit.  The only thing we had to pay him with was a hug.  I’m positive that every one of our blogging circle of friends got that big huge hug from him.

So, thank you Lou!  Thank you for being a gracious host in your favorite city.  Thank you for your time, your concern, and your tranquility.  Thank you for always being within earshot.  Thank you for being such a great friend.

Lou: To you I say, *Ndinombethe.

*Ndinombethe:  [African proverb] (pronounced “in-day-nom-bay-tay”)
Translation:  “As I go, I am wearing you.” Referring to the indelible handprint we leave on the lives of others as we cross paths, whether intended or accidental.

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20 Responses to “Meet Lou”
  1. 08.04.2009

    Oh yes… Lou. One of THE best huggers/car poolers/conversationalist/friends at BlogHer. I heart him.

  2. 08.04.2009

    How great is he?! How lucky for you he’s got your back.

    You got a great shot of him. (Oh, and Loralee, too. I don’t mean to leave her out!)

  3. 08.04.2009

    I met/ learned of Lou for the first time at BlogHer. He is an incredible man, and one I’m glad that I’m getting to know now.

  4. 08.04.2009

    What a great tribute! He sounds like a wonderful man. The real deal? We need more of them….

  5. Had no idea he even lives in Chicago, near me. Why didn’t someone notify me of this in advance?

  6. 08.04.2009

    Again so jealous.. but so excited you got to meet him IRL.. and that is such a great photo!!!

  7. 08.04.2009

    I so wish you were there. NYC next year, it’s ON!

  8. 08.04.2009

    Thank you, Mishi. You, my dear, are a Sweet Heart.

  9. 08.04.2009

    Just telling the truth. !!!

  10. 08.04.2009

    glad to read about one of Chicago’s own! Have an uncle there who is a sweetie too and know so many more who are dears! also happy to read something nice about Blogher. Thank you.

  11. 08.04.2009

    That’s a very sweet picture of him.
    But a) he was in good company
    b) he IS a sweet man
    c) such an awesome photographer!
    no way you could go wrong eh?
    Can’t wait to meet him. Would SO have wanted to meet you too.

  12. Michelle, you certainly attract amazing people to you honey. What a blessing and I love love love that word.
    Love it and it’s meaning. I want to stamp it on my world and carry it around with me forever.

  13. 08.04.2009

    I was doing really well until I got to Ndinombethe. Now I’m sobbing.
    I NEED A LOU. (Or a life, whichever comes easier.)

  14. Hooray for Lou! Lou was one of my very first non-in-real-life friends who commented on my blog. I was in Chicago in January, but I knew he was going to be out of town. :(

    One day I’m sure we’ll meet. (My company’s meeting is in Chicago again in late January 2012. I wonder if it’s too early to pencil in a visit?)

    Oh, yesterday he complimented my legs in a comment on my blog. My husband LOVED it. :) How often do you find a guy who can comment on the legs of another person’s wife (for instance) and it not cause ANY questions? That’s because of who Lou is. Period.

  15. 08.04.2009

    Absolutely one of the good guys. Lou is the consummate gentleman, a rare breed these days. I am lucky to also count him as a friend.

  16. 08.04.2009

    Catching up. Lou is awesome.

  17. 08.04.2009

    I don’t “know” Lou as well as you do…but seeing him around the blogosphere here and there he’s always seemed like an awesome individual…and you’ve just cemented it!! How awesome of him!!!

  18. 08.05.2009

    I’ve only just met him (once, at BlogHer) and now through his blog. He’s a peach.

  19. The real deal.

  20. 08.14.2009

    And I was lucky enough to meet Lou with Sandy/Momisodes doing the introductions. A sweet, sweet man. Make that a gentleman.

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