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Photo of Al by Betty in Vaginally Challenged ROYO at BlogHer09

Seventeen years.  That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been graduated from high school.   It’s been over twenty years since I was in the thick of those early high school years.  Those early years where you worry about who you are friends with,  or you worry about who likes you, or how you look, or if you are even good enough.

I tried not to let those worries over-take me, and more often than not they did not.   Instead of choosing who to befriend I decided that I would be friends with everyone.  I’d put my best foot forward and I’d talk to [you] even if you liked green and I hated green; being totally devoted to blue.  If you liked me despite my love of blue, great, that was your choice!  I’m also certain I worried how I looked but I’ve always had this weird thing where I think that I’m the skinniest girl in the whole wide world.  Like, seriously, at my heaviest weight I still thought I was a supermodel.    Confidence, or what have you, I guess?

Enter adulthood.  Enter marriage.  Enter motherhood.  Enter Oh-My-God-I’m-Thirty-Five-and-I-Have-Saggy-Boobs-and-I-am-Fifty-Pounds-Over-Weight-No-Scratch-That-It’s-More-Like-Sixty-But-Who-Cares-Because-I-Still-Am-a-Super-Model-Only-Holy-Moly-Why-Zits-Now!?!

I still feel like I’m that girl from high school that is wanting to be friends with everyone; even those who like green while I still hate green and am devoted to blue as ever before.

I still put my best foot forward, even if I might trip over some Thomas Trains or my own big feet or whatever other obstacle is in front of me.

I still feel like the skinniest girl in the world, and if you don’t see me that way well you must need some glasses (but don’t get the LASIK because it will inevitable fail and you’ll end up in glasses again, only to have them broken by a little boy who thinks he’s Harry Potter, although he says “Scary Potter”, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry when you see him with your twisted frame upon his head, but I digress.)

* * * * *

We are like dominoes.  Black and White. All falling for each other.

At least I feel like a domino with my dots visible to [you] all and my falling all over [this] life, making mistakes in how I fall, how fast or slow, but always able to be set back up on edge.  Only to fall over and over again. 

Yes, I do believe we are like dominoes.  White and Black.  I enjoy falling for you.

It’s ironic that a friend of mine sent me this song, last night, as I was trying to figure out how to introduce you to me.   If you know me, you know me, and I’m glad to know me, too.

Heads are turning
Each one is yearning
As the one they’re looking at turns away
Hearts are burning
Everything is churning
As the one they’re looking at is getting away
Oh we are like dominoes and we are falling
We’re dominoes and we’re falling head over our toes
And she’s falling for him
And he’s falling for me
And I am falling for somebody else
Who’s falling for you
Oh we are falling like dominoes
Oh we’re falling way too fast
Minds are dreaming each time
Believing that you’ll appear on my doorstep
Maybe today? Maybe today?
Hands are praying
Don’t you hear what I’m saying
Oh I tell you if you borrow me that kind of love
No I won’t run away
I say we’re dominoes and we’re falling head over our toes
Oh we’re falling way too fast
And if I had, oh, one wish it would be to be back
Up on my toes and I would fall as you fall
And turn around
And we would fall down nose to nose
Not like dominoes that are falling
And are falling all in one row now
I say we’re dominoes
And we’re falling head over our toes
And she’s falling for him
And he’s falling for me
And i am falling for somebody else
Who’s falling for you
Oh we are falling like dominoes
Oh we are falling like dominoes
Oh and how I wish
Oh how I wish we were
Oh falling
Oh nose to nose

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29 Responses to “Meet Mishelle”
  1. 08.19.2009

    Adore you.

  2. 08.19.2009

    Well, I could have written most of this EXACTLY,


    I love that song. You’re the good stuff.

  3. youngsol

    Your the coolest!!!! love ur posts and ur Pic’s keep them coming!!!

  4. I feel so lucky to call you my friend.

  5. 08.19.2009

    You rock. I cannot wait to meet you in person!

  6. 08.19.2009

    You are so beautiful.

  7. 08.19.2009

    Hello, Mishelle. It’s nice to meet you. Wonderful, wonderful post. And I like you even though I prefer red.

  8. 08.19.2009

    You ARE a supermodel and you give the bestest HUGS anywhere. And I adore you.

  9. Elizabeth

    I love you!

  10. I love you, woman.

  11. 08.19.2009

    My fave of this series. :-)

  12. 08.19.2009

    Bout time you highlighted yourself!

  13. 08.19.2009

    you are magnificent.

  14. 08.19.2009

    Love it. That is how I want to greet the world. I don’t always but I try.

  15. 08.19.2009

    That is wonderful portrait of you. I fell hard for you. You are so fabulous!

  16. 08.19.2009

    You’re wonderful.

  17. 08.19.2009

    I’m so happy to know you, I feel like I’m really really lucky for it. (ps. Blue forever!)

  18. 08.20.2009

    I’ve met Mishi, and I think she is super awesome. Even if I like green. And blue.

  19. 08.20.2009

    You didn’t digress, you made me feel a TON better. I’ve had LASIK twice.

  20. 08.20.2009

    Why zits now!?

    I ask my face the same question.

  21. 08.20.2009

    One of the greatest highlights of BlogHer was finally meeting you Mishi.

    I heart you so hard! oxoxxox

  22. 08.20.2009

    I am SO glad you are part of my life.

  23. 08.20.2009

    You are one beautiful woman :) One day I would love to meet you IRL

  24. I. love. you.

  25. So beautiful and it’s about time you featured the most amazing of us all!

  26. 08.22.2009

    You’re gorgeous, Mishi…what a perfect way to complete the series. Beautiful music, beautiful words, beautiful woman.

  27. 08.24.2009

    Loved having you as my roomie. Love your honesty. Hopefully at BlogHer next year I will be as brave as you and just put me out there.

  28. 08.26.2009

    Hi, followed you over here from Twitter.

    Loved this post and know that I would love you as well if I met you. Sad that I didn’t go to the Blogher Conference so that I could meet wonderful writers, and photographers such as yourself.

    Oh well, I’m doing my best to make up for my absence by searching for my niche online.

    Glad to find you, Jillian

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