Meet Mr Lady

Fertile Myrtle

Mr Lady with Aaron Vest at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago

I got my period five days early because of Mr Lady.

Yes, that’s right, I blame Shannon for the red tide coming in almost a week before she was due.  Why?  Let me explain:

We stood around in a circle of women.  Someone said something to the effect of  all the women around at BlogHer would cause our cycles to be thrown off big time.   I laughed.  Shannon laughed.

“Well, I alone will throw everyone off,” Mr Lady proudly declared, referring to her super-fertility.

Apparently The Donor need merely look at his sexy Mr Lady the wrong way (or the right way, you decide) and she could make a baby.  I’m the same way.  I have Michael wear a condom when he’s around me for protection.  Dude, that’s just how easily [we] get pregnant!

So I leaned in to my *O.G. Stalker and I sniffed.  I sniffed her loooooong and haaaaaard and I have to admit it was hot.  Good thing I’m able to show some restraint, in public, because I could have done some pretty raunchy stuff to that girl.  She’s not hot, she’s mother-effing HOT!

So maybe I’m partly to blame, what with the sniffing and all, but she’s definitely to blame with all her super hero pheromones and shit.

I was thinking about whom I’d write about today and when Aunt Flo blazed into town, without even a postcard, I knew it would be Shannon.  Then today she wrote this post about how she keeps Mr Lady hidden from most of the people in her life.  Now, on top of both being extremely gorgeous and having super sensitive fertility, we have something else in common.

There are only a few people from “real life” that know about my blog.  I haven’t told my parents.  I don’t link on my Facebook (though I do have blog friends on my FB account).  And I don’t know why.  I don’t know why I haven’t told them, other than I like having my space without their constant watch.  Been there, done that.    I think about exposing it to other family, daily, but I don’t.    Only time will tell.  Time or Google, not sure which one will prevail.

*Back to my O.G. Stalker:

A while back ‘le sex pot’ (uh, dude, did you see her picture?) stalked me. I don’t know where she found me (ok, maybe I do) but one day she added me to all the various social medias.  Then I called her bluff and told her she wasn’t a true stalker until she called or texted me.  Then I gave her my phone number.  7.4 seconds later I had a text message and a few days later we had our first phone conversation.

I’ve been in love with you ever since, yo.  Believe that!

This Whiskey Belongs to Mr Lady

Because she’s the coolest, instead of business cards, Shannon gave out these stickers at BlogHer09.  I intend on keeping mine on my phone. For-like-ever!

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17 Responses to “Meet Mr Lady”
  1. 08.06.2009

    Shannon gave those out because Mabel’s Labels gave them to her. AS A PRESENT. And she cried.

    Also, dude, I nub noo. A lot.

  2. 08.06.2009

    Oh, and I TOLD YOU SO. Have a happy period…

  3. 08.06.2009

    That’s one sweet present! I thought it was brilliant.

  4. 08.06.2009

    My va-jay-jay thanks you!

  5. 08.06.2009


  6. I love. love. love. love. love.
    shannon is one of those people that simple is. beauty. grace and love. period.
    i am however now furious with her.
    and sad.
    i was there. when she got those labels.
    :-( i don’t have one.

    I need to go curl up in a corner.

    (but everything you say is true) Shannon .. well hell, we are blessed with Shannon.

  7. 08.06.2009

    Mr. Lady is CRAZY hot. But hey Shannon? How come I didn’t get a sticker? And how come you didn’t get me pregnant?

    Wait. Is that how it works?

  8. 08.06.2009

    I love both of you.

  9. 08.06.2009

    I love this series you’re doing…and I loves me some Shannon.

  10. 08.06.2009

    Thanks Karen! Keep coming back, it’s going to be an ongoing thing for a while.

  11. 08.06.2009

    Gorgeous. And wrong that I didn’t get to meet her and get one of those kick-ass stickers.
    PS I too must insist my husband keep his jewels behind lead lined boxers

  12. 08.06.2009

    Pretty sure I just ovulated.

  13. 08.06.2009

    How can you not love that Mr.Lady? Seriously she it like totally awesomely rad. And she sent me a Christmas card that I refuse to take down. I don’t care if its the only one up and its August. That’s how deep my love goes. Christmas card up for 9 months deep.

  14. 08.06.2009

    She is an impressive woman.

  15. Mr is the ultra hotness. Though, she didn’t throw me off. Weird.

  16. 08.09.2009

    Love her.

  17. 08.14.2009

    Mr. Lady, blogstar, but down to earth hot mama. She’s so beautiful, it’s unreal.

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