Meet Pauline

Meet PaulineTije me vidoja, ama taja ne me vide
They saw me, but she didn’t

Draga Prijatelka Pavlina,

Ama mnogu mi je milo sto se najdovme na ovaj internet.  Znam deka ti si Polska, i jas sum Makedonka, ama mislam deka porastnavme vo istoto vreme so istite zelbi za nasijot zivot.  Samo jas tuka sum rodena.   A ti tamo.  Za tebe starijot kraj je nesto drugo.  Nema gajle, jas mislam deka nije se znaj me.

Znajs kolku si ubava?  Jas znam.

Znajs kolku sakam da te slusam koga zboruvas?   Vekje mozam tsel den.

Znajs deka si mnogu dobra majka?  Tvojte decina se tolku mili vo site sliki; se znaj deka majkata gi cuva dobro.

Stalno da znajs deka mi si prijatelka.  Za stalno!

Te sakaa,

My Dear Friend Pauline,

It means so much to we that we found each other on the internet.  I know that you are Polish and I am Macedonian, but I think that we grew up in the same times with the same wishes for how our lives would be.  The only difference is that I was born here and you were born there; for you “the old country” is something different.   That really doesn’t matter, though, as I believe that we get each other.

Do you know how beautiful you are?  I know.

Do you know that I love the way you talk?  I mean, I could listen to you all day long.

Do you know that you are a great mother?  Your children are so sweet in every photo; it shows how their mother keeps them so well.

I want you to know that you will always be my friend.  Forever.

With Love,

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20 Responses to “Meet Pauline”
  1. 08.14.2009

    Finally hugging you after 2 years of friendship was incredible. I remember the first time I stumbled across your blog and how intimidated I was by your photos and words. I am so glad I found the courage to comment and be-friend you for I would have never realized we had so much in common.

    You are very special Mishelle. A true friend, more then just a modern day pen-pal, a very friend for life. Looking forward to our baby’s wedding day. Teeheee….

  2. 08.14.2009

    I’m loving your meet the bloggers series. And Pauline. She’s just awesome in every way.

  3. 08.14.2009

    Gorgeous, Mishi, and Pauline is beautiful, inside and out. Lovely post!

  4. 08.14.2009

    Meeting Pauline was one of many highlights of my trip. She has this way of making a person feel like they are the most important woman in a room FULL of people. I love her so.

  5. 08.14.2009

    Meeting Pauline was such a major highlight for me – and JUST like YOU – she gives GREAT HUGS!

  6. 08.14.2009

    Thank you dear friend. My only regret is that we didn’t hang out more.

  7. 08.14.2009

    I know. I feel the same.

  8. 08.14.2009

    She truly is someone that you can listen to talk all day long. Some of my favourite conversations in Chicago were with her.

  9. 08.14.2009

    Well. We are close enough to meet. How about next week?

  10. 08.14.2009

    I still can not believe that I actually met you! In person. After all these months.

  11. 08.14.2009

    Dude. You were one of the most important people in the room.

  12. 08.14.2009

    Lou gives great hugs… he is better than I imagined he would be. He is all kinds of awesome.

  13. 08.14.2009

    I have no words for you. It’s kinda of like a dream… meeting you. Finally, after 2 years.

  14. Pauline! How excited I was to spot you from the back of the room…. You are wonderful and Mishelle’s letter so perfectly describes you. :) I am still zinging every time I think of BlogHer ’09 and all the amazing people I met.

  15. Beautiful words Mishelle! Pauline is indeed beautiful and I am so thankful that I got a chance to meet her, altho we did both have to travel further than home to do so, but worth it. She is so sweet.

  16. 08.16.2009

    What a sweet tribute to a very kind woman. I am not a part of blogher but maybe I should be:)

  17. 08.18.2009

    I’ve been enjoying the Meet The series, and this one was especially fun to read since my mother tongue (Serbian) is close enough that I understood 80% of the first paragraph without translation.

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