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God Damn

In my life I have these friends that I don’t talk to very often, do not see all the time, or can’t have coffee in my kitchen with on a weekly basis.  And that’s ok.  I’ve come to terms with having friends like this because the alternative’s the friends I do have. When we do talk it’s like we’ve been talking for ages.  When we see one another we look on with love, honor, and gratitude.  When we drink or eat together, the moments are heartily endearing.  In my opinion, this is the best type of friend to have.   Piper is one of these friends to me.

All weekend long, at BlogHer, I would catch little Piper effulgences.   Her luminescence it did indeed serve as a beacon for my soul.  I’d spot her in a crowd, her fiery mane standing out, as if to say Here I am, Mishelle.  See I’m here.  Right here. Everytime we were in each other’s midst it was spectacular and very much like we’d never been apart even having just physically met on Thursday, July 23th.

Then, on Saturday, we spent a chunk of hours together.   Our voices told stories from the depths of our hearts.   Our visual exchanges were introspective.  Our laughter was bountiful as we broke bread and saluted to love, friendship, and life.   There isn’t any question as to what kind of friend Piper is to me.   Later that night this was unabashedly proven.

While on our $3.00 Patron Margarita binge at the dive we happened to stumble into with two other friends I asked Piper about her plans for getting to the airport.  I basically arranged for us that we would take the El train to O’Hare.  Greedily, I was looking for some more Piper time.  She however couldn’t do it.  I didn’t understand why until I went to her room to finalize our plans that night.

“Uhh.. [they’re] just gonna take me,” she said.

“Ok,” I said, “but we’re gonna get to the El together, right?” I tried to clarify.

“No, [they’re] just gonna take me,” she quivered.

My gears started grinding as I saw this strange-yet-familiar look on her face.  Then it dawned on me.  She didn’t want to say goodbye, let alone do it in public.   I felt peace.

“It’s totally ok, honey.  I’ll just go back to my original plan of going to the airport with Lou and company,” I concluded.

Then I told her that we’d just have to say good-bye right then, because we couldn’t count on seeing each other in the chaos of the morning.  She nodded with tears streaming down her cheeks.  And there, in that moment, in the bathroom of her hotel room, we embraced  as she covered her face and sobbed.

“Do you know how much I love you,” she whispered in my ear.

“Do YOU know how much I love you,” I clearly said back.

<There was sobbing from both of us under the bad lighting of the Sheraton’s bathroom which just as well could have been a heavenly light by the exuberant feeling of love that we had created>

She buried her head in my shoulder; some of her hair got in my mouth.  I pulled her away, as I asked her to look at me, and said, “One time I said something to you.  A long time ago.  Do you remember? Do you?”

“Yes,” she sighed.

<Of course she remembered.>

“One time, a long time ago, I said to you that we are kindred spirits, right?”

“Uh huh,” she sniffled.

<There was even more sobbing from both of us as we hesitantly said our goodbyes knowing that we’d see each other soon and even if we didn’t it would be ok because we’re the kind of friends that don’t need to see each other daily or hear each other’s voices regularly.>

“We are.  Don’t ever forget it.” I reiterated.

<It was in that brief moment that I forced myself to leave the bathroom of her hotel room.>

No matter where my light shines, I know that Piper’s light is shining with me.
No matter how my light travels, I know that Piper’s light travels just as fast or slow.
No matter how bright or dim, I know that Piper’s light will supplement mine readily.
We are beams of lights, intersected.

Piper and I, we’re of love, and we’re definitely kindred spirits.

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18 Responses to “Meet Piper”
  1. 08.05.2009

    That is probably one of the prettiest pieces of writing I’ve seen in awhile. Love.

  2. 08.05.2009

    this gave me a little tear. I have a kindred spirit and there would be so many joyful, happy souls walking around if we all had the blessing of a kindred spirit.

  3. 08.05.2009


    I’m so grateful that you understood what was going on, even though I wasn’t able to tell you. I’m horrible at saying goodbye in general, but I couldn’t face saying goodbye to you. All I could think was that I might never see you again, and that was something I just couldn’t face. When you came to the room that night I was both super happy to see you, but also terrified. I know you could sense that. Thankfully you sensed it all. I remember you telling Angie that you understood, and I knew you truly did, which is what made me a mushy mess in the bathroom. You really do know me, better than most people I bet, and that *is* because we are kindred spirits.

    I’ll always remember the special goodbye we shared, and I’ll always thank you for making it happen (though, there’s no doubt it was meant to be that way anyway). You got all my tears. And I got to weep them into your soft shoulder and tell you, eye to eye, that I love you.

    We are bound now, tighter than we were before, through the magic of a very goodbye. Thank you for being my friend, thank you for all your incredible words. You are beautiful beyond your wildest dreams!

    I have to stop typing now or I’m going to start bawling again.

    All of my love to you,

  4. 08.05.2009

    You’ve got me sitting here in tears. This is the second time today I’ve cried because I miss someone who I feel the exact same way about, who I shared a moment or 50 with in Chicago too. You also reminded me that we are all SO blessed to have one another aren’t we?

    I simply adore Piper and I wish I could have had more minutes with her, with you, with a few more people too.

  5. 08.05.2009

    It is amazing the kinds of friendships you make online …. they can be just as strong if not stronger than then ones you have in real life. Whoever and however they come in to your life and touches your soul like that is someone you hold close to your heart forever. That was a wonderful tribute to Piper who really is a bright shining light!

  6. Love. I truly love you both.

  7. truly madly deeply love

  8. 08.05.2009

    awwww…. lovely. The both of you.

  9. 08.05.2009

    The other day you posted stuff about feelings and knowing. I had a strange vision about saying goodbye to you in a bathroom. Then it happened. Then you wrote that post.

    When you need that photographer, I’m so there!

  10. Oh my word.
    The love in my heart is just overwhelming.
    Mishi, you are truly beyond special and Piper is one in a million.
    Your tributes are a beautiful gift.

  11. 08.05.2009

    “She nodded with tears streaming down her cheeks. And there, in that moment, in the bathroom of her hotel room, we embraced…”, as her wanton hands discovered my aching body.

    Dear Penthouse Forum,

    This sort of thing never happens to me, but I swear every word is true.

  12. 08.06.2009


  13. I am sitting here sniffing and my husband is wondering what my problem is.

    SO. SWEET.

    Love u Piper! (and Mishi too!)

  14. 08.06.2009

    First you were going. Then it was ‘No’. Then you said, “She can’t say goodbye”, and you were going, again. I was a bit confused, for a minute. But I understood. Even then. Mishi, you’re a hard person to say ‘Goodbye’ to.

  15. 08.06.2009


  16. Jeremiah

    very powerful and deep.

  17. 08.08.2009


  18. 08.14.2009

    What a fantastic post about a beautiful woman, with a beautiful spirit. Love Piper.

    And you’re something pretty special too, Mishi… what lovely words.

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