Meet Rachel

Rachel is a Souther Fairytale

there’s a place where i can go
where i can feel at home
where i know i am loved

there she waits
with something freshly baked
and a fresh gallon of sweet tea

you are welcome always
she will always welcome you
for she is the epitome of southern hospitality

her smile radiates as she greets
her arms wrap around you
in a heart-felt, generous hug

you can go to this place anytime
you are down home there
for you are in the bosom of

A Southern Fairytale

Written for Rachel–my friend–with love, on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Darling!

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18 Responses to “Meet Rachel”
  1. awww my Mishi.
    this may be my bestest birthday present ever.
    i love you sweet friend.
    Thank you.

  2. 08.07.2009

    I’m glad you like it and I’m glad you love me!! <3

  3. 08.07.2009

    So so sweet…that photo is beautiful and so is she!

  4. I do love you. You’re very dear to my heart. <3 Thank you for honoring me and being my friend. Thank you for being you. xoxo

  5. awwww <3 thank you, Jamie.

  6. 08.07.2009

    Aw! I’m going to cry! I love you both!

  7. 08.07.2009

    Happy Birthday, Rachel!

  8. 08.07.2009


    Love my Rachie-Boo, and love this on her birthday.

    So sweet, Mishi.

  9. 08.07.2009

    The happiest of birthdays Rachel! I am proud to know you and call you my friend.

    Wonderful words Mishi, as usual. I am loving this series – I LOVE these women (and that mann) so much.

  10. 08.08.2009

    What an awesome, awesome birthday post! Lucky Rachie…!

  11. 08.08.2009

    I love this series Mishelle, and your friend Rachel sounds like the kind of friend I’d love to have! Happy Birthday Rachel!

  12. 08.08.2009

    Happy Birthday, Rachael!

    Any friend of Mishi’s….

  13. Happy Belated, Rachel! You are TRULY one of the beauties of our interwebs.

  14. Maria, I’m proud to call you friend, too.
    thank you.

  15. It is an awesome post! I am so blessed with Mishi.
    Thanks, honey ;-) xoxo

  16. Thank you, Angie.
    Loves you

  17. I love you, too!

  18. 08.09.2009

    Love that pic! How lucky that I get to call both of you my friend? Happy b-day Rachel!

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