Meet Room 704

Here’s the story of three lovely ladies
The ladies of room seven-oh-four
All of them had killer racks, like no other
The youngest one had more

Here’s the story, of a man named Drew
Who was busy pimping out vibes
He was hitting all the bloggers
Yes he found all the tribes

Till the one day when the ladies met this fellow
And they knew it was much more than an “O”
That this group would somehow form a family
That’s the way these beeshes birthed 704

Seven -oh- Four, Seven -oh- Four,
That’s the way they became Room… Seven… oh… Four…


Dawn: I met her by was of Lotus’ blog.  In reading her blog I have laughed, I have cried, and I have learned so much.  Dawn can also knit like nobody’s business.  Most importantly, though, she will always tell it like it is.  My admiration for Dawn is vast.  Not to mention the girl wears kick ass shoes!  Oh and have you seen her bewbs?  They are SPECTACULAR!

Dawn (Kaisermommy)

Leslie: When I first found Mrs. Flinger I knew I would like her.  It was this video that sealed the deal for me.  I knew how great of a day it would be when all my kids were napping together.   When I watched it I had three big kids who did not nap and one baby whose napping was hit or miss.   I think I watched this video like fourteen times in a row.   We spoke on a panel, at Blissdom’09, together.  The chat that we had when we were preparing our gig sealed the deal for her.   You don’t talk about blow-jobs and throw eff-bombs around Leslie.  That is unless you want her to love you forever.  Me?  I talked about blow-jobs and threw eff-bombs.  I knew what I was doing.

Leslie (Mrs. Flinger)

Victoria:  The VDog.  I could probably leave it at that because when I say, “The VDog“, you know what I mean.  The O.G. Crackah.  Little Man’s Hot Ma.  You know?  Veee Dawg.    Victoria is one of my original bloggy peeps.  She’s been with me since the beginning; when I first made my foray into the blog-o-sphere.   Our boys are practically the same age and if it weren’t for living across the country from one another, I know they would “totes” be Tonka Truck BFFs!    V will get to meet Davey in September.  I’m looking forward to that.  Now I just gotta get my butt to her house one year.

Victoria (Vdog)

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15 Responses to “Meet Room 704”
  1. 08.08.2009

    Love these girls! (And you, too!)

  2. Perfection. I love this!!!!!!

  3. 08.08.2009

    They look good in color and black and white!

  4. 08.08.2009

    Great post!!! I love me the 704 girls!!

  5. 08.08.2009



  6. 08.08.2009

    Spot on!

  7. 08.08.2009

    Love these beeshes so much!

  8. Dees are my peeps and I loves them.

  9. 08.08.2009

    These three ladies are hilarious. Got exposed to them at Blissdom, and really enjoy them!

  10. 08.08.2009

    Ain’t that ever the truth!

  11. Al_Pal


  12. 08.09.2009

    Ah, these ladies are a part of my heart. That’s putting it mildly.

  13. 08.11.2009

    Oh, how did I miss this one?? I love your little ditty in the beginning. And the 704 simply rock. There is nothing more that I could add to make it any more true.

  14. 08.13.2009

    I love you and your eff bombs. XOXO

  15. 08.14.2009

    These girls are so awesome, and throw the best parties. Good gals to know, right?

    Great post, Mishi. Beautiful pics of beautiful women.

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